Choosing the best photographer for your family.

Photography is an investment, not just a quick and simple decision. Choosing the best photographer for your family is critical in booking a photography session. Below are a few things to consider when picking the best photographer for you!

Editing Style:

This is the number one thing you need to look at before you book a photographer. While there are many different styles – light and airy, dark and moody, true colors – make sure you pick the one you LOVE. While my job as a photographer is to make you as happy as possible, my work is always going to be edited to match my style.

Lifestyle vs Posed:

For me, the perfect session is a mix of the two. But for you, you may prefer 100% of one or the other. Make sure to take a few moments to look through their website. How do the images resonate with you? If you can picture yourself in the pictures, then she is good fit for you!

Lifestyle family portrait in an outdoor field at sunset. Clients are all wearing items from the client closet. Session took place in Grovetown, Georgia.

Time of shoot:

This one is a little harder. You may have to reach out and ask about this. Some photographers, myself included, do all of our outdoor sessions at sunrise or sunset. Not all photographers are the same though, make sure to ask when considering your photographer.

Wardrobe Included:

It may not be on the front of your mind before the session, but it needs to be in high consideration. Finding a photographer who offers styling assistance and a fully stocked client closet will save you hours of planning, stressing and the expense of finding the perfect outfits. For my business, any session booked comes with access to the full client closet for mommas and little ones. I know how stressful coordinating everyone’s outfits are – let me take care of that for you.

First time mom capturing her maternity portraits in Grovetown. Session took place in an open field at sunset. Client is wearing a gown from my client closet.

Digitals Included:

This one is more about the package you are booking, not the photographer. When inquiring with anyone, take a moment and review all the fine details. Do any images come with the session? Do I get a print release for the images? Will they be shared online? When you are booking with a professional, you will have a contract to sign that covers all these details.

Wall Art Included:

Wall art is all personal preference – for me, I always want to see the portraits displayed. Because of this, I offer an artwork credit with each of my sessions booked. Make sure to ask questions to see what artwork options they provide. The industry standard is albums, framed prints and loose prints.

Three canvases displayed above baby crib. Portraits are from baby's newborn session in the studio in Grovetown GA.


Last but not least, the budget. Everyone has a different budget. Affordable is different to everyone. My one piece of advice on this, invest in someone that is going to be the best fit for your family. Portraits are a once in a lifetime thing that capture a moment that is fleeting. A moment we will never have back. Make sure to choose someone who you trust, know and like – not just the cheapest. While I know I am not the least expensive, I know the experience I have too offer far exceeds most. To help offset the investment, I offer payment plans that help make the investment more affordable. No extra cost or fees to you, just a simple gesture from one momma to another.

The order of importance of these items varies for everyone; however, choosing the best photographer for your family matters because the images will reflect the experience. I would love to know what the most important factor is for you. Is it editing style? maybe budget?

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