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Get to know Molly, the face behind the business.

Hey there! Thank you for dropping by, I am so glad you are here. I wanted to take a minute to do a quick get to know me since there are so many new faces supporting my business.


Who am I?

A wife.

Mother of four – 4, 3, 2 and 10 months old.

Avid baker.

Lover of all things Dick Clark. (um, Hello Chicago PD/Fire/Med + SVU)


While I am a the person behind the business, there is so much more to me. Here are just a few short bits (outside my children/hubby/family) that I wanted to share with you.

Mt. Dew, Monster + my water cup… these are three things that you will always see with me. I don’t go anywhere without my water cup. Always.

Bonfires + country music…  these are my jam, my stress reliever, my outside happy place. Growing up this was ALWAYS my stress reliever. As I have grown and had children, bonfires became pool time (um, hello Georgia heat does NOT go well with bonfires). Same thing. I LOVE a good afternoon float in the pool while the kids nap. Country music will be on, drink in hand and just relax. Such a happy place.

Windows down, music up… The way to a session, the way home from an appointment without the kids, the way to get the kids from school. This is how you will find me. Music (usually country) will be turned up, windows will be down. The fresh air is my thing. The few minutes of not worrying about the stress of life, the few minutes of just the fresh air hitting my face, the few minutes of putting myself into the music (you betcha that I am terribly singing along), they are a small piece of my day but they are one of my favorites.

To Do lists… my husband will laugh at me here but I am the queen of to do lists. Everything. Everywhere. All the time. There is a to do list for the cleaning, photography related, the errands to run, the calls to make, the top three things I need to do today, etc.

Candles… Last tidbit for today. I LOVE candles. I love walking down from the studio (it is the upstairs of our ranch) and the smell of a fresh candle. Or coming in from outside. Whatever it may be, I LOVE burning candles. For the local mamas, Southern Willow candles are THE BEST! For my non-local mommas, At Home has some of the best candles also.

Cooking… I love cooking. Doesn’t matter what it is. I love all things about cooking – watching the cooking shows, cooking the fancy meals, cooking the hard meals. (Our new favorite is risotto!)  Mise en place is my life (goes back to to do list similarly). One of my newest loves is sharing my creations on IG. If this interests you, hop over there! Tonight’s share was pan seared pork chops with a creamy pan sauce, oven roasted carrots and garlic mashed potatoes. (I am hungry again talking about it!)

That was a bunch of random-ness about me. Now it is your turn! What is ONE of YOUR favorite things? They can be serious or fun – totally up to you! I cannot wait to get to know you better.

Even if you aren’t comfortable sharing your five facts, maybe it is your favorite pop, or your favorite candle. I am ALWAYS looking for something new to try.

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