How to Display Your New Portraits

All digital images (30+ images)
 Immediate family included
Access to 2 designer gowns
Client closet for immediate family
Personal Print Release
Online Gallery
Hand edited gallery

All digital images (30+ images)
 Immediate family included
Access to 2 designer gowns
Client closet for immediate family
Personal Print Release
Online Gallery
Hand edited gallery

The session is over. You received all the digitals back. Now how do you display your new portraits?

Instead of letting them just sit on a hard-drive some where; try out one of these suggestions next time!

Below are five ways to display your portraits after your session. Don’t leave them sitting on a dusty hard drive; display them for everyone to see!

1) A custom designed frame collection.

These are perfect for over the bed, over the couch or any other large walls that you have. For us, we have our most recent newborn photos displayed over our master bed.

I promise, this doesn’t have to be as daunting as you think.

This simple set up is one 16×20 frame, matted down to 11×14 with two smaller frames on either side. Both of the outside frames are 11×14, matted down to 8×10.

Simple. Clean. Elegant.
The best way to show off your new portraits.

2) Canvases : One Large Display

This one is versatile – it can be one large canvases or a collection of smaller. I personally tend to lean to the one large! Especially for the epic family portraits that capture the best emotion.

3) Canvases : Multiple Display

Instead of just doing one like above, a collection shows off all the tiny details from the session!

4) Album Books

Album books are the best way to display multiple images from one session. When you choose a photographer like myself, we offer custom designing of albums. All you have to do is choose the favorites from your session, tell me what color cover you and want that is it.

From there, all the customization is done for you!

These are the simplest form to display when you want and tuck away when they need to stay safe. For our family, we love creating one for every year of life for our littles. On their next birthday, we pull out all the past years and look back at how they ave grown!

They are the perfect way to create a new tradition for your family!

5) Digital Photo Frame

Stuck on a gift to give grandma or grandpa? Gift them a digital photo frame pre-loaded with all your favorites from the different sessions you have had! This is the perfect gift to display your session portraits. She will love seeing all of her favorite people every time she walks by it!

For those who are my do-it-yourself kinda people (like me!), here are a few of my favorite links!

Favorite lab for prints, wall art + photo books: Miller’s Pictures

Favorite digital photo frame: Skylight Fame

For those who aren’t the crafty type – you are in luck! I can take care of any of these for you! From helping you pick out photos to physically hanging them in your home, I am there for you every step of the way!

Have you displayed portraits from your last session? If so, drop a picture below! I would love to see them!
Do you have a question you would like answered or researched? I would love to hear about it – drop an email to and I will feature it on the blog.

Are you ready to book your next session and plan where your artwork will go?

Simply fill out my contact form here and we will be in touch!

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