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Are you tired of spending a fortune on clothes your kid only wears once? Or are you tired of shelling out an arm and a leg for an outfit that gets destroyed at spaghetti night? At Kid to Kid Augusta, GA, they get it firsthand. Clothes are expensive, kids are a mess, and money does not grow on trees. Yet, they offer quality children’s clothing, toys, and gently used accessories at 70% off regular retail prices. The best part about Kid to Kid Augusta, GA, is that you can shop there for great products, but you can also sell your items. They thoroughly inspect each item to ensure you get the best for your little one at the lowest price!

About Kid to Kid in Augusta GA

For almost 30 years, Kid to Kid, Augusta, GA, has been paying families like you to recycle your great children’s items. They put real cash money into your pockets and give a new meaning to shopping locally. Even more important, it means families save millions of dollars by shopping at Kid to Kid Augusta, GA. The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world. So when you buy used instead of new, you reduce your carbon footprint by 70%, which is more impactful than ditching your car and riding your bike daily. You can make such a big difference by shopping. How awesome?! This children’s clothing store takes giving back seriously, which is one of its most meaningful goals. 

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Suppose you are a foster parent or military family. In that case, you can receive ongoing discounts all year long. Every family can sign up to become a part of the Kid to Kid book club, where your child will receive a FREE book every month. If you choose to not use a plastic bag when shopping and bring your own, Kid to Kid Augusta, GA, will donate 5 cents to charity for every bag not used. Every year Kid to Kid Augusta, GA, has a charity called Fill-A-Bag, where 100% of the proceeds go to help build and renovate schools. You pay a flat donation and can stuff as many items into your bag. All the donations benefit the schools in the world’s most underserved nations. 

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Selling Outgrown Clothes

At Kid to Kid Augusta, GA, you can sell your current styles of outgrown kid’s clothing, shoes, and toys. In addition, they purchase newborn to kids size 14 apparel in contemporary styles. If you are ready to sell, you can bring your items in already freshly laundered, laid flat (not folded) in a bin, free of stains, rips, or tears, and ready to sell. First, the team will review your items, and you will receive an offer for the things they’ve selected and would like to purchase. You choose a cash offer for these items or get paid 20% more when you select the store credit option. Most things wanted are clothes, infant sizes to kids 14/16, shoes up to youth size 7, baby equipment, and toys. 

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Suppose there is anything that the store cannot sell. In that case, they will donate it to a local charity. Hence, the community also benefits when you choose to shop. What makes this store special is that each item is one of a kind, with over 50 different brands and so many different styles, which makes shopping fun. It really is a win-win for everyone who shops there. You can also check them out on Instagram and Facebook. They always spark sustainable style conversations and show off some of their best new styles in the store. 

Kid to Kid Augusta GA

Getting the best bang for your buck is essential when kids grow faster than paychecks. At Kid to Kid Augusta, GA, second-hand shopping is considered chic, intelligent, and eco-friendly. With low prices, cute clothes, great products, and a way to make money? Kid to Kid Augusta, GA, has it all, so stop in today and check out all they offer. It will not disappoint you! 

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