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Maternity session…. do you REALLY need one? (Hint: the answer is ALWAYS yes!)

Look back. Will there be pictures of the bump. I don’t mean selfies, I don’t mean a bunch of cell phone photos you caught in the mirror. I mean hair done, make-up, done, gorgeous dress on.

I know you don’t feel pretty. You don’t feel attractive. You feel larger wide in all the wrong places. I get it.

I was there.
I have been in those shoes four times.

Especially when I was pregnant with our third. I had already had a two and one year old at home. I was about to have my third c-section in 26 months. Having maternity pictures was not high on my list of to do items. I regretted that decision SO BADLY that I asked my husband to go out and try to take some maternity pictures for me. I have them yes, but I always look back are remember how rushed they were because I was already miserable. I was stressed because I was trying to coach him on on what to do but also sweating like crazy because it was October in Georgia. (Little did we know, she would be born three days later at 36 weeks!)

Sadly, every time my daughter asks for pictures of her in my belly, I only have one to share with her. I carry that regret with me every time I capture a mama or see someone share their maternity portraits. I DO NOT want you to have that same regret.

I promise you, it is a time you will never get back! Your new little one will WANT those pictures! Even if you don’t feel confident in your body, they will still TREASURE those images more than you will ever know.



As a photographer, I always hear the same three reasons of why maternity is not worth the investment.

1 – I don’t feel attractive.
2 – I don’t have anything to wear.
3 – I will just do the newborn portraits.

You know how I feel about number one from above. Number 2 is even easier to bust – I have a FULL extensive selection of maternity gowns from size 2 through 20 so I have something for every mama to wear.

I promise you, from first inquiry through final gallery delivery, I am there to help every step of the way. All you have to do is fill out a short questionnaire and I pull gown ideas for you. It is as simple as that! All of it can be done while you have your feet kicked up and relaxing!

As a plus sized mama, I know how hard it is to find a maternity gown for pictures. I specifically make sure that I have lots of gorgeous choices for these mamas. I feel ya mama. I know how tough it is. Let me do the work for you. I have already done it. It removes all the stress from you.

Lastly, I will just do newborn pictures. I 100% agree you NEED newborn pictures (wait for next week’s blog post on this topic!). BUT you NEED both.

The little baby is going to want to see mama BEFORE and AFTER the birth. I promise you, that picture of the last time as a family of 2/3/4 before the new one is here will be an image you cherish forever. I promise you. It is a moment that can never be recreated.

I know many mamas think, oh I will have the new images to cherish. Yes, you will. BUT there is so much to be said about the glow of mama before baby is here that I don’t want you to miss out on those memories.

So this is where I need your help, which is stopping you from getting the pictures? For me, it was a combination on #1 and #2. What is stopping you? Will it be a decision you regret later? (Hint hint: It will be, let’s change it so it isn’t!)



If this has you wanting more, wanting the maternity session, feeling all the feels, I would love to chat about a session with you. Simply fill out the contact form here and I will be in touch!


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