Sitter Milestone Session at Golden Hour

The moment before the wild chase… Just moments before the portrait above, we were chasing the pup all through the field… Despite the wild chase, Micah had the best sitter milestone session at Golden Hour.

If you have been around MBP for a while, you probably have heard some of the stories of this sweet family. This mama has been my rock to my business since I first moved here to Georgia. Every session we have had has had some comical quirk to it! From the first milestone in the studio to this little boys milestone session at golden hour.

When we photographed big sister’s first session back in 2019, mom skinned her knee shortly into the session. When I say skinned her knee, it was full-out injury that just bled and bled. (Don’t worry, everyone was ok and we were dying laughing. What we thought was a minor cut turned out to be so much more).

This sweet boy’s newborn session also provided some great comic relief… midway through the session, big sister came tracing up to his nursery COVERED in chocolate donut. It was the sweetest and funniest thing ever!

Fast forward to this past weekend to sweet Micah’s 8-month sitter milestone session at Golden Hour…

Mama needed a new headshot for work (the last was from his maternity so it was past due!) so Jeremy got to tag along with for the session.

Well, right as we were taking this last image, Mama noticed that Jeremy was slowly running away. I mean, leaving this field headed for the road. (Don’t worry, no one was hurt!) Long story short, chasing a puppy in a long dress across a field, up the road and into a subdivision is not an easy task! Micah gave me the best lovins though while mama was gone. Thankfully Jeremy was returned, safe and sound. And grounded.

Our adventures always provide such a good laugh, I am not sure what will top this one! I cannot wait to see him again in a few short months for his cake smash.

Mom’s Dress: Kristina Maxi Dress in Dusty Blue

Baby Boy overalls are from

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