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Let Your Child Leap to New Heights at Hayden Gymnastics!

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Is your little one always tumbling, flipping, and jumping all over the couch cushions? Maybe it is time to harness that energy and get them active in an activity. Not on your brand new decorative pillows. At Hayden Gymnastics, they have something fun for all your little ones, no matter what they are interested in, so be sure to check them out today! 

About Hayden Gymnastics

Hayden Gymnastics is one of the best gyms for gymnastics in Augusta, GA. Since 1994, Hayden has been training champions in the sport of gymnastics and cheerleading. Their coaches and staff help students develop an “I can” attitude through lessons that teach physical and mental flexibility. The teams at Hayden Gymnastics are highly competitive with the top gyms in the Southeast. Their gymnastics and cheerleading teams have achieved national recognition both individually and collectively. In addition to excellent team programs for boys and girls, they provide cheerleading, recreational programs, and preschool programs.

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Programs and Gyms

All their programs at Hayden Gymnastics are developed with overall well-being. They have a total of three gyms. The newest just added is Haydens Junior Gym. This gym accommodates the Gym & Learn program and recreational classes for ages 18 months through 6 years. The Gym & Learn program is exciting, providing children ages 2 to 5 the opportunity to get a “head start” on learning. They learn the essential skills necessary to prepare for kindergarten and advanced gymnastic classes.  

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Gym & Learn Program

The 2, 3, and 4-year-old classes at Hayden Gymnastics provide age-appropriate learning in a small setting. Another fantastic feature enables your little one to learn discipline and commitment. Meanwhile, they acquire a healthy self-image while expanding their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive skills through the dynamic sport of gymnastics. This addition to your child’s learning helps them reach their full potential and to be ready to enjoy a lifetime of development and understand the importance of physical fitness. In addition, children can use the new scaled down in size gym’s state-of-the-art equipment.

The Gym & Learn program is offered several days weekly. This program is a great way to be active, engaged, and alternative to daycare! Parents can get involved in the classes for under 5-year-olds. Teeter Tots is available for kids ages 1 to 3, which meets once a week for 30 minutes. Tumbling Tots meets for 45 minutes once per week. There are so many options for your little ones to keep them busy AND happy all day!

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Competitive Teams at Hayden Gymnastics

Several classes are available at the older section of the Hayden Gymnastics gym, with equipment built for older kids and more advanced instruction. Boys and girls five and up can take recreational, tumbling, trampoline, and acrobatic courses multiple times a week, divided by skill level. If your little athlete wants to compete, Hayden Gymnastics has competitive teams for those who have decided to be more serious about gymnastics. The athletes on this team are willing to commit more hours to train in the gym and attend competitive meets throughout the season. These meets might require extensive travel, overnight stays, and higher tuition fees than recreational gymnastics. The team averages 5-6 meets plus State Championships, Regionals, and beyond for the higher levels. The teams range from level 3 to level 10, and commitment per week runs from 9 to 20 hours per week of practice at the gym. So whether you want to take classes or join a competitive team, Hayden Gymnastics has you covered. 

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Gymnastics Raw

Gymnastics Raw is a unique and fun program that no other gym has around. It involves using only your body to overcome obstacles quickly and efficiently. Besides running, jumping, and climbing, they learn gymnastics skills to improve their ability to pass over, under, and around obstacles. Gymnastics Raw is a way to let loose, build strength, and a perfect way to have the little ones get out all their energy to avoid those nighttime fights!  

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Special Events

Hayden Gymnastics offers many events throughout the year that you and your little one can explore, including birthday parties, camps, and parents’ night out. To have a birthday party at Hayden Gymnastics, you can pick any theme, whether Gymnastics, Ninja or Raw. Then, you have to select a date, and Hayden Gymnastics takes care of the rest. Parties for 90 minutes and ten guests run about $250. You can add 30 minutes for $50 if you want more time. This includes access to all the equipment in the facility, whether you have it at the Junior or adult gym, pending your child’s age. 

Parents Night Out is for the parents (and kids) to have fun. Parents can drop off their kids for 4 hours, where kids can play games, watch a movie, and snack on popcorn. You can enjoy a night off as they deserve with these monthly parties! They also offer a Family Night IN! So, you can join your kids in all the fun, including pizza, activities, and family fun. In addition to all the classes and fun activities, Hayden Gymnastics offers camps throughout the year. So be sure to check their calendar on their website for their most recent updates and super fun offerings. 

Hayden Gymnastics

Whether your child goes on to compete or wants to learn a fun and healthy new hobby, Hayden Gymnastics can help your little ones grow and leap to new heights.

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