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Brush, floss, rinse, and repeat! We all know the routine and are seasoned pros, but for our little ones going to the dentist can be a great… or… a very traumatic experience. At West Haven Pediatric Dentistry, you can guarantee an always great experience!

One year milestone and cake smash session in the studio of Molly Berry Photography. Child attends West Haven Pediatric Dentistry.

About West Haven Pediatric Dentistry

At West Haven Pediatric Dentistry, your children’s smiles are important. They keep kids happy and healthy by providing exceptional service to promote bigger, brighter smiles. They aim to provide a pleasant and positive experience for you and your children while focusing on your specific needs. Additionally, they use only the latest evidence-based procedures to achieve long-lasting results. Additionally, they encourage parents to participate in promoting a positive attitude towards dentistry and healthy dental habits for the whole family. 

Dr. Stephanie was born and raised in Augusta, and she has a long history of working specifically with kids, adolescents, and individuals with special needs. In addition, she is a mom, so she knows how to interact and chat with your little one, making them feel comfortable whenever they sit in her chair. West Haven Pediatric Dentistry’s specially trained staff is dedicated to providing the best overall experience for you and your child. All staff members have compassion and understanding, as they have been trained in child psychology. It is their pleasure to work with children of all ages, and they will do their best to ensure that your child has a positive experience.


Because West Haven Pediatric Dentistry geared themselves toward younger patients, you’ll find they provide a friendly environment. Children show more comfort in the office due to decorations and activities not found in a typical office. They take their time with your little ones, answer all their questions, and go through new procedures. They want you to be comfortable talking to anyone on our staff, and they are there to answer your questions. Above all, they aim to give you a friendly and professional atmosphere, so you are comfortable visiting your dentist. 

At West Haven Pediatric Dentistry, they offer a variety of services to care for your child’s mouth. This Augusta dentistry dedicated itself to the health of your children’s mouths. One way they ensure a healthy mouth is by performing regular checkups. Generally, this practice encourages children’s examinations every six months unless they have a problem. During an examination, your children get X-rays, which check for tumors, cysts, and bone loss. 

Regular Examination

During an examination, Dr. Stephanie examines the gums, ensuring they are not infected or diseased. Still, if they are, she can definitely help out your little one. Furthermore, they examine any dental restorations completed, such as fillings, for signs of decay and cavities. After an examination, Dr. Stephanie will perform a professional dental cleaning that removes any tartar and plaque stuck to your child’s teeth. 

After cleaning, they will polish the teeth to remove any stains and buildup left on your little one’s teeth. They provide services for cleanings and exams, sealants, fillings and crowns, extractions, space maintainers, and silver diamine fluoride. If your little one is anxious, they provide nitrous oxide and general sedation for more extensive procedures. No matter what your family needs, the knowledgeable and welcoming staff at West Haven Pediatric Dentistry has you covered! 

Contact and Office Details

You can call West Haven Pediatric Dentistry during business hours to schedule an appointment or go to the website anytime to submit a request. They will get back to you as soon as possible to accommodate you with an appointment. At this practice, they proudly specialize in pediatric dentistry. They truly believe in starting children off right when it comes to their dental health, and it is their goal to ensure that each visit goes well so that your kids think of the dentist’s office as a good place.

Their entire staff is excellent with children, allowing them to relax while they care for their teeth. They are warm and welcome and treat you like family whenever you enter the doors. West Haven Pediatric Dentistry is also here for you, the parents. They know how important (yet challenging) it is to take care of your children’s teeth at home. So during your appointment, they will go over the care you need to be providing at home and look for problems, and if required, they will work with your child’s pediatrician.

Close up of one year old sitting in wicker chair during his milestone session.
One year old playing pee-a-boo with mom during his evans ga cake smash session.
One year old laying on bed during his milestone session in the studio of molly berry photography.

West Haven Pediatric Dentistry

West Haven Pediatric Dentistry is an excellent place for your kids to grow up. When you choose them, you instantly become their family. So be sure to check them out and all the beautiful services West Haven Pediatric Dentistry offers today! 

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