A Peek Into The Stellar Academics At Augusta Christian Schools 

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All digital images (30+ images)
 Immediate family included
Access to 2 designer gowns
Client closet for immediate family
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Education is the foundation for our little one’s futures, so we want to make sure that we are providing them with nothing but the best! At Augusta Christian School, they are the experts in providing the highest educational standards. The mission of Augusta Christian Schools is to prepare students to serve Jesus Christ as Lord. Staff will also equip each student to partner with family and church, instilling high standards spiritually, academically, socially, and physically.

About Augusta Christian Schools 

In 1958, Augusta Christian Schools was established. The school offers kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school and its Learning Support program for students with special learning needs. Their current enrollment is approximately 675 students, with over 100 churches represented in the Augusta Christian Schools’ student population. They strive to build kingdom leaders to serve Jesus Christ as Lord. Augusta Christian Schools are independent, non-denominational schools located in Augusta, Georgia. Their 26-acre campus includes academic, fine arts, and athletic facilities.


6 year old girl in the studio for milestone portraits captured by molly berry photography


At Augusta Christian, a faculty full of loving, certified teachers are committed to helping students gain wisdom and understanding through the educational process. Augusta Christian Schools has many unique programs and offerings. They have a Medical Health Science program (three-year program with CNA completion), a media class, fine arts, and a new STEM Program. The school also has a technology program for students in grades K-12, which includes smartboards, iPads for each 4th and 5th-grade student, and Mac laptops for all 6th-12th-grade students. Students will also engage in Spanish for all elementary students and educational field trips, community service, mission projects, and physical education for all students. For the upper grades, they also offer advanced placement and honors courses and special classes for students with special learning needs. For all grades, the curriculum and classroom instruction focuses on increases each student’s achievement and developing strength of character.

Older girl capturing a few milestone portraits in the studio. Girl is wearing a pink dress from client closet.


In addition to the fantastic programs, they have many different activities from three levels of band, two levels of choral groups, visual art classes, drama classes, and private piano and guitar lessons. If sports are your kids’ thing, students in grades 6-12 may participate in different sports. These include football, softball, cross country, basketball, cheerleading, baseball, track, tennis, soccer, swimming, volleyball, wrestling, scholastic shooting, and golf. Over 65% of the students participate in athletics on one of three levels: middle school, junior varsity, and varsity. The athletic program at Augusta Christian Schools seeks to teach their student-athletes from a Christian worldview perspective.

Although, they desire to field championship-level teams and strive to win in athletic competitions, they’re more interested in building kingdom leaders through life lessons. Devotions, team prayer, and service projects are an integral part of their programs. Student-athletes are taught to reach within themselves to strive to excel and honor the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The facilities include a gymnasium, baseball field, football field, and an Athletic Field House. The Field House, additionally, comprises a state-of-the-art weight room, collegiate-quality dressing rooms, offices, equipment storage space, and a baseball concession stand. Additionally, throughout the school’s athletic history, numerous college scholarships have been given to exceptional athletes.

Sweet girl wearing yellow and pink dress during her milestone portraits in the studio with her siblings.


Tuition is required to attend the Augusta Christian Schools and receive the best education money can buy for each grade level. At the time of writing this blog, for Pre-K, half-day tuition is $4,000 yearly; for a full day, it is $6,000. For kindergarten, tuition is $7,000 yearly, elementary is $9,000 annually, middle school is $9,500 yearly, and high school is $10,500. They offer semi-annual payment plans, monthly payment plans, as well as scholarships available. They also offer discounts for multiple children between 5% and 20%, pending on how many children are enrolled. The staff at Augusta Christian Schools take educating your child seriously and see it as more than a job. This education is a shared ministry in which the staff attempts to provide the best possible environment of academics. Academics are integrated with the love and the message of Jesus Christ.

4 year old boy capturing milestone portraits in the studio of Molly Berry Photography

Augusta Christian Schools

Augusta Christian Schools offers the stationery best for your children. They are caring and compassionate and will always make education a priority. Suppose you are interested in your little one attending Augusta Christian Schools. In that case, you can schedule an open house to see the campus in person. While you’re there, you can also discover why it is great to be a part of the Augusta Christian Family!

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