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Why Cutno Dance Center is a Fun, Family-Friendly Dance Studio!

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Dance is not only an expression of self, but it is also a great way to learn discipline and create lifelong relationships. By being a part of something, your little ones will be able to experience a sense of belonging, all while having so much fun! At Cutno Dance Center, your little dancer will learn how to twirl and jump, and that’s all they will be talking about from the moment they start their first class! 

One happy little girl showing her smiles during her in studio motherhood session with Molly Berry Photography.

About Cutno Dance Center

Cutno Dance Center for dance education is an arts institution committed to providing quality dance instruction while strengthening cultural diversity. Their focus is to provide and expand training and educational opportunities for dancers. The founder and owner of Cutno Dance Center, Ferneasa, has studied dance all over the world including in Africa, France, Italy, and Brazil. It is easy to say she is a well-seasoned professional. She has been instrumental in developing the next generation of great dancers by teaching and leading Cutno Dance Center. By combining her fantastic talent, extensive knowledge, training, and education, Ferneasa founded Cutno Dance Center in 1995.

Since its inception, the dance school has been recognized nationally by Dancer Magazine as well as in numerous local newspapers and publications. As the oldest African-American woman-owned studio in the Central Savannah River Area, Cutno has educated 1000’s of young dancers. The experience of this studio speaks for itself to its overall excellence. 

Cutno Classes

Cutno Dance Center offers classes not only for the little ones but also for us moms! Kid classes range from African, ballet, hip hop, modern, and tap. There is a perfect class for toddlers called Kinderdance, where little ones develop physical skills through patterns of movement and tons of fun. There is a Mommy and Me class offered where your tiny dancers get to learn music and rhythm by counting and stretching. The best part is that you are learning with them by using dance scarves and ribbon sticks to increase the fun in every class. Not only can your little ones take classes, but why not sign up for a class for yourself. In addition to adult ballet, they also teach modern fusion which blends ballet, modern, and African dance. 

Why not Dance for Fitness?

They also offer Cutno Core Fitness, a 30-minute class comprising exercises and stretches for various muscle groups. You will not even feel like you are working out! Cutno Dance Center offers Zumba, a Latin-inspired dance program that turns your class into a fitness party. Now, what sounds better than that?! 

Summer Intensives and Shows

This incredible studio also has summer intensives, which are basically entire days full of dance training. These intensives focus on hip hop and modern dance from ages 6 to 17 and last for about a week. You can check out the classes on their Instagram or website. Here you can be sure to get the latest information on class schedules and summer intensives. Cutno Dance also puts on various shows throughout the year, such as the spring showcase and an exciting rendition of the Nutcracker each year in December. Dance students can show off what they have learned creatively and energetically to everyone in the community. Whether you are looking for classes for your little one or yourself, they will consider you part of the family!

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Cutno Dance Center

Cutno Dance Center is open Monday through Saturday and is by appointment only on Fridays and Sundays. You can check out the studio to try a class. If this is the right fit for your family, you can enroll easily online. Alternatively, do it in person at the studio. They are located at 2803 Wrightsboro Rd, Suite 51, Augusta, GA 30909. They also have a dance store online where you can buy tights, shoes, or studio apparel. Whatever you need, Cutno Dance Center has you covered!

Suppose you are looking for a cultural experience with African dance classes or the excitement of hip hop. In that case, Cutno Dance Center offers classes for your little ones and us adults. They are a fun, family atmosphere dance studio, ready to invite you to join the fun! Be sure to check out Cutno Dance Center today! 

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