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Greubel’s Mixed Martial Arts is Fun For The Whole Family!

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All digital images (30+ images)
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Chances are, you’ve seen a few martial arts movies where a kid needs an outlet, struggles with confidence, or needs a place to belong. Eventually, they may find themselves learning martial arts from a wise teacher. Their lives are changed forever as they engage in this new practice. While it’s not always like the movies, there is a hint of truth. Martial Arts IS an excellent and healthy outlet that teaches control and defense. It gives confidence and offers a group of peers to connect with. Not just kids but people of all ages can benefit from Martial Arts. From self-defense skills to a fun workout routine for any level and age, Greubel’s Mixed Martial Arts offers multiple ways for your child or the whole family to transform your lives. 

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About Greubel’s Mixed Martial Arts

When you walk through the doors of Greubel’s Mixed Martial Arts, you can see Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and cardio circuit training. Since 2005, Mark Greubel’s MMA school has been changing students’ lives and empowering them with the knowledge of self-defense, confidence, and techniques to improve their lives. You can visit them at located at 4014 Columbia Road Martinez, Georgia 30907. 



  • This kickboxing program is said to be one of the best kickboxing programs in the country. They offer beginner to advanced level kickboxing classes for adults. 


  • Boxing teaches people to be physically and mentally strong, think clearly, and move quickly during fast-paced and chaotic times. It teaches focus, hand-eye coordination and builds stamina while combining power and agility. Whether you want to be like Rocky or wish to become a professional athlete, boxing will give you a full-body workout to enhance your skills. 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  • This class is all welcome to beginners with zero experience to seasoned martial artists. 

You may want a full-body workout, self-defense skills, or personal goals you need help reaching. Their dedicated and knowledgeable instructors are there to bring out the best in each student. 

Mixed martial arts

  • Ready to unleash the warrior within? With a team of world-class trainers in your corner, they will help you transform into a less stressed, more capable, stronger, more focused, and disciplined version of yourself. Learn real-life self-defense applications to protect yourself and loved ones from unfortunate scenarios. 

Kids program

  • This class helps your child learn how to avoid peer pressure, increase confidence and self-esteem, increase motor skills, defend themselves, discipline and focus, and other life skills to help them throughout life.

Personal training

  • Does the idea of group classes freak you out or seem a bit intimidating? Maybe you would need to have specific attention? Don’t worry! They offer personal training as an alternative (or in addition) to regular classes so that everyone has an opportunity to thrive. 

Cardio kickboxing

  • If you’re looking for a high-intensity, body sculpting, and calorie-burning workout, THIS IS IT! Classes include punching and kicking heavy bags, bodyweight exercises, plyometrics, building core strength, and total body stretches. After every class, you will get toned, increase your flexibility, and develop stronger stamina and endurance. 

Kids summer camp

Kids have a blast playing with new friends and learning new skills. They will build a foundation of self-discipline, focus, patience, and self-empowerment. Your children don’t need a background in martial arts, either! They can come and get their first experience!


The owner, Mark Greubel, has been coaching WAKO Team USA kickboxing since 2006, resulting in his school becoming the official center for training for Team USA Kickboxing. Over the last decade, Mark Greubel has had the fantastic opportunity to coach internationally in 12 other countries! If you like competition, this may be the team you need!

Greubel’s Mixed Martial Arts

Greubel’s Mixed Martial Arts is a great place to start a family tradition of working together. Additionally, it’s a great place for your child to learn useful skills while bettering themselves. Worried your kid won’t do well with instruction or be able to focus? Studies have shown children who have a hard time focusing, like those with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), report great success with Martial Arts programs.

Self-control and concentration are exact skills underdeveloped in ADHD kids. Giving them a structured and repetitive outlet that keeps things fun and changing slightly to keep them engaged can help tremendously. Explore a new practice with Greubel’s Mixed Martial Arts.




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I wanted to create a safe space for mommas to chat together, have a play date, share a laugh, and share all the authentic parts of motherhood (the good, the bad AND the ugly). I want this group to become a second family for you to go to when you need a friend. Occasionally I will also share pieces of information on meal planning, budgeting, session information and how to get better iPhone pictures of your children!

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