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Kitfox Pediatric Dentistry Provides Big Smiles & Big Results

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We sure love to see our little ones smiling. From first to missing teeth, those toothy grins have a special place in our hearts and maybe just a few dozen spaces in our phone’s photo gallery. As kids get older, those smiles change, so taking care of them is essential. A healthy and happy smile gives kids confidence which means we get to see more smiles, yay! But where to go for your little one to have their teeth looked after? For some kids, the dentist can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be with Kitfox Pediatric Dentistry. This dental team is about seeing your kid smiling and wanting to return for their next scheduled visit.

Adorable little boy in a green jumper sitting in a wicker chair during child portrait session with Molly Berry Photography.

About Kitfox Pediatric Dentistry

This practice, built from love, is owned and run by Dr. Thom and Anna. Dr.Thom grew up in Dublin, Georgia, and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. He began working as an engineer at a paper mill and stayed there for almost seven years when something changed. He wanted a career change. That’s when his dental journey started, and he began attending the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. This path led him to his Pediatric dental residency, which led him to meet his now wife, Anna, who assisted him during a dental procedure. This duo now has their own beautiful and thriving practice. Dr. Thom loves telling everyone that Anna has been in the dentistry world longer than he has and has worn many hats throughout the journey. Together these two work seamlessly to help every kid smile while maintaining their oral health. 

Services That Leave You Smiling

  • Routine Preventative Dental Care:

Oral exams, x-rays, cleanings, fluoride treatments, and sealants help create a strong foundation for healthy teeth and oral hygiene habits.

  • Basic Restorative Care:

Sometimes cavities, chipped, cracked, and missing teeth can happen. Whether your little one needs a filling, crown, or a bridge, Kitfox Pediatric Dentistry’s main focus is to help your child through every procedure without fear or tears.

  • Lip and Tongue Tie Release:

Infants who struggle “nursing may have an issue with the band of tissue that connects the upper lip to the gum and/or the band of tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth.” (Kitfox Pediatric Dentistry) Lip and Tongue Tie Release are virtually painless laser surgery fixes for baby and mom. This procedure will enhance the nursing experience after treatment is finished. 

  • Soft Tissue Laser Treatment:

This minimally invasive technology allows for safe and effective procedures while minimizing pain, discomfort, and anxiety and is used to treat various types of gum- and teeth-related conditions.

  • Sedation:

Kids who need complex dental procedures or experience extreme dental anxiety may do better and benefit from sedation dentistry. Dr. Thom will discuss sedation options beforehand with you as needed.

  • Hospital Dentistry

No worries if your child’s dental treatment needs to be provided in a hospital setting. Dr. Thom and the team can meet families at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia in Augusta and provide the necessary treatment so your child is always familiar with their dentist.

  • Baby Oral Health Program

Baby teeth are more important than most think. They help with things like getting proper nutrition, shaping your child’s developing face, and helping with speech development. Kitfox Pediatric Dentistry doesn’t believe in waiting until your child is 3-4 years old to find out they already have cavities. They encourage you to start their comfort with dentistry and healthy oral hygiene from the beginning.

  • Emergencies

They even have an emotional support dog named Chilo to help anxious kids relax and feel better about the experience! 

What Sets Them Apart?

As if they couldn’t get any sweeter and wholesome, their dedication to their community doesn’t stop at smiles. Kitfox Pediatric Dentistry and the City of Aiken created a public art project, an Aiken Fox Hunt. You and your child(ren) will have fun on your local adventure searching for six bronze kits around downtown Aiken and enjoy the beautiful spaces where you find them.

Captured a smile on this little mans face during his child portrait session.
Ten tiny toes captured in this close up image.

Kitfox Pediatric Dentistry

With Kitfox Pediatric Dentistry, your kids will love the dentist, not dread it, and have the whole family smiling. They are located at 1395 Silver Bluff Road next to the Red Stables at Woodside. They are open Monday (Phone Hours Only) 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Tuesday-Thursday (Patient Office Hours) 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, and Friday (Patient Office Hours) 8:00 AM – 1:30 PM.

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