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Palmetto Pediatrics Aiken SC For Effective Child Healthcare

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Being a mom means monitoring your child’s physical and mental growth and taking on mild to terrible sick days. When your little one is sick, it breaks your heart and can sometimes leave you worried about their health and recovery. That stress and worry are no good for you or the little ones. We are even prone to worry about healthy kids meeting milestones and development schedules. Consequently, finding a pediatric team like Palmetto Pediatrics in Aiken, SC is essential for maintaining your child’s health. The team works to accommodate your family and provide quality and safe care.

Staying on top of their health needs, taking preventative precautions, and treating concerns are hard work. It’s even harder when you don’t like your child’s pediatrician or don’t have one at all. Finding the right team that sees you as an individual and is comparable to your way of life is essential. From the beginning of infancy to adolescents, having access to quality wellness visits, physicals, and sick visit treatments, help to keep your child in peak health and enjoying life. Whether you’re expecting or looking for a new doctor you and your child will love, Palmetto Pediatrics in Aiken, SC has what it takes to keep your kid playing, laughing, and thriving. What a relief!

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About Palmetto Pediatrics Aiken SC

Palmetto Pediatrics, conveniently located in Aiken Regional Medical Center, was founded in 2008 and has been serving its community with compassion and dedication for over 13 years. Their team of board-certified, well-educated, and qualified members works hard to provide individualized patient care. They strive to be your healthcare provider of choice regarding your family’s medical and healthcare needs. 

Their team dedicates themselves to your child’s health and longevity, from back-to-school physicals, sports physicals, and updating those needed immunization records, to routine health exams and treatments when little ones aren’t feeling well. With Palmetto Pediatrics, your child isn’t just a chart in their file system. Their dedicated team works diligently to provide comprehensive and personalized care for each individual and their families. 

Healthy Services

Outpatient Center

  • Your child can receive routine medical care and quality healthcare they require when they feel unwell. The staff at the Palmetto Pediatric understand how worrisome it can be when your little one isn’t feeling their best. As such, they offer the availability to see your child in the Outpatient Center on the same day!  
  • You can come on into the Outpatient Center for your child’s sports physicals without an appointment! Just stop by their office from Monday through Thursday, between 3:45 PM and 4:15 PM. If an alternate time is needed, call them in advance.

Inpatient Services

  • Inpatient services include the newborn nursery and inpatient admissions. If you are expecting and choose to deliver your baby at Aiken Regional Medical Centers, a physician from the Palmetto Pediatric Center might see you and your newborn. If you love their care, you can discuss the option of them becoming your child’s permanent pediatrician. They will know your child’s medical history from the very beginning.

They accept many insurances. Be sure to double-check check they accept your plan before your appointment.

Don’t worry if English isn’t your first language. Language interpretation is readily available. They have Spanish-speaking staff in the office for easy and comprehensive care. 


Many of their dedicated and driven physicians are board-certified in pediatrics, active members of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and involved in continuing their medical education on a weekly basis. Their steadfast team is always learning more to provide your family with the most up-to-date and effective information, methods, and treatments. They keep a watchful eye out for new opportunities to keep your little one feeling their absolute best.

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Palmetto Pediatrics Aiken SC

Making sure our kids are healthy, meeting milestones, and developing to their full potential is a top priority. It can be a lot of overwhelming stress if you don’t have the proper pediatric care to support your family. It takes a village to keep our kids at all stages thriving, and that includes medical care. The compassionate and skilled team at Palmetto Pediatrics Aiken SC is ready to help you keep your family healthy and thriving. Their office is located on the campus at Aiken Regional Medical Centers. Palmetto Pediatric Center 60 Physician Drive Aiken, SC 29801. You can inquire about appointment availability and insurance acceptance by phone or view their section online.

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