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Savannah River Academy | A “One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All” School

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Do you ever ask your kid the daily question, “How was school today? What did you do?” The answer is always, “It was good; we did nothing.” Well, at Savannah River Academy, the answer will never be just nothing! There are always fun and new exciting activities at Savannah River Academy, so be sure to check out all they have to offer! 

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About Savannah River Academy

A group of eager parents, teachers, and administrators believed in another option for education. Thus came the creation of the Savannah River Academy. The school is not a typical private, charter, or public school. Savannah River Academy was explicitly created to be different. It is a non-sectarian, fully accredited private school offering full-time and hybrid enrollment options to parents of homeschoolers looking for only core class enrollment. Their educational model emphasizes a collaborative approach between parents and teachers and the importance of allowing kids to be kids. 

One of the unique factors of Savannah River Academy is that teachers follow current research that tells us children do not benefit from assigned homework before the 6th grade. They have small learning groups engaged in hands-on learning at the student’s own pace, using a customized education plan. This small group atmosphere will allow teachers and students to cover much more material in a shorter period; therefore, the days will be faster. The core classes are covered Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM-12:30 PM. Savannah River Academy offers full-time enrollment with additional rotating enrichment classes from 1–3:30 PM Monday through Thursday. Fridays include field trips, STEM activities, community service projects, etc., from 8:30 AM-3:30 PM. So you can choose for your child to attend half a day for core classes or a full day for core classes with additional enrichment classes. 

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Unique Education Style

So what makes Savannah River Academy so unique? In a word: differentiation. Savannah River Academy does not follow a “one-size fits all” approach to education in which one teacher instructs a large group of students at the same level. They have small, skill-based groupings that allow instruction on an individual basis. When a student is ready to move ahead, they move ahead. Students who learn at their own level and pace do not become bored or frustrated. Teachers guide, mentor, challenge, and assess while encouraging students with the freedom needed to inquire, explore, and develop a more profound love of learning. They do not associate academic rigor with test-taking, hours of homework, and rote memorization of facts. Savannah River Academy is a unique experience that truly is one of a kind. 

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The Nest Program

Savannah River Academy recognizes that students learn best through active exploration and have several different programs. For kids ages two to kindergarten, the Nest program is a play-based program where young children can embrace their natural curiosity and love of learning through play and active exploration. While in the Nest, learning occurs not only in the classroom but outside in nature. In the Nest, children receive inspiring and open-ended materials to create their works of art. Teachers teach out-of-the-box thinking and independence while engaging in many activities throughout the community. Tuition for the Nest averages $5,500 for the core classes and $9,000 annually for the entire full-day program. 

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The Primary Grade Program

The primary grade program at Savannah River Academy is a joyful place for children to learn and grow. Their curriculum aims to build on a child’s natural sense of curiosity and connection to the world around them. They have a ten-to-one student-to-teacher ratio. Students will learn to build strong foundations in reading, writing, and math; explore the world around them, and enhance their learning through hands-on opportunities. Tuition for the primary grade program averages $6,000 for the core classes and $9,500 for the full-time program annually. 

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The Middle School Program

In the middle school program, students will engage in many overnight trips, daily Spanish instruction, student-led service projects, and leadership opportunities while learning the core subjects and getting ready for high school. Tuition for the middle school program averages $10,000 for the full-time program. 

Savannah River Academy

With a unique approach to learning, this school has something that most schools do not offer. It focuses on each child’s individualized needs, as learning is not the same for every child. The staff and teachers embrace creativity, genuinely care about your child’s success, and help develop their senses of wonder and curiosity. You can fill out an interest form online and schedule your first appointment to see what Savannah River Academy has to offer. Run, don’t walk, to this fantastic experience!

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