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The Three Most Highly-Rated Augusta Preschools

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Is your little one ready to go off to preschool? As a mom of four, I know how bittersweet it is but such a necessary step that we don’t take lightly when researching our options. Preschool sets the foundation for social and personal development that will carry through for years to come. When you are researching which preschool to send your little one too, check out this article for the The Three Most Highly-Rated Augusta Preschools

Four year old celebrating the completion of his four year old preschool program. Highly-Rated Augusta Preschools

Augusta Preschools

Bradley Schools in Augusta

The Bradley Schools are so much more than just a highly-rated Augusta preschool. From the youngest age of six weeks old through their preschool programs, they focus on helping the child thrive, grow and excel every day! With three locations – Wheeler Pines, Oakbrook and Greenbrier – they are best able to serve all of the Augusta area.

Their Georgia funded 4-year old Pre-K is one of the most sought after in the Augusta area. Through their Frog Street® curriculum and field trips, children will learn, grow and prepare themselves for kindergarten the following year.

In addition to their Georgia funded pre-K, they also offer private pre-k that is structured very similarly but is a smaller class size. This class is made up of three and four year olds and incorporates lesson plans with themes that will provoke creativity while still learning and becoming more independent.

Spaces are incredibly limited for the daycare so make sure to get on the waitlist as soon as possible. For the preschool, it is a lottery-based enrollment that starts the second week of April. For details on entering the lottery, reach out directly to the school starting March 1st.

To start the process of getting on the waitlist, schedule a tour with the center so you see how wonderful they are in person!

The Bee Hive Preschool

Teaching from the heart is the backbone to The Bee Hive Preschool. Offering a nonsectarian, art and activity based program is the foundation of the Bee Hive. Incorporating art and activities in a daily basis is what makes their program so sought after in the Augusta area.

The Bee Hive offers both a three day and five day program for the preschool aged children and a five day program for the pre-k age. All three programs allow for children to interact with their hands through hands on play, arts projects, music, movement and cooking. These interactions allow for beneficial imaginative and dramatic social play growth. Their pre-k program is designed for entry into kindergarten and those who are four by October 1st. Their preschool class is for those who will be three by September first and are potty trained.

Located off Fury’s Ferry, they are centrally located for all to attend their program. To gather additional information and inquiry about signing your child up, contact them at 706-833-0033.

Open Door Preschool

Established in 1964, the Open Door Preschool is the only parent-run, non-sectarian preschool in the CSRA. They provide a nurturing environment for children 14 months through kindergarten. Open Door Preschool focuses on encouraging a positive self-image while also promoting independence.

When you enroll your child in Open Door Preschool, your child will be accepted with open arms and encouraged to be themselves while being taught by excellent educational teachers. They focus on smaller classes split up by age to encourage each age to grow and excel with similar aged children. With five class offerings, there are options for two day, three day and five day classes depending on the age of your little one.

Reach out to the director through email if you have questions about their mission, availability or to tour their location.

Four year old celebrating his preschool completion with a cap and gown session in the studio. Highly-Rated Augusta Preschools

Highly-Rated Augusta Preschools

While making the decision of which choice is best for your child is a completely personal pick, I hope this article helped lay out a few of the top Augusta preschool options.

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