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Are you expecting and considering using a midwife? Have no idea what a midwife is and want to learn more? There are many midwives in Columbia, SC that will help you feel confident, relaxed and prepare for your upcoming birth journey. Midwives in Columbia SC are compassionate, supportive and experienced and want you to have the best possible birth!

Expecting mom and her son sharing a hug during their columbia sc maternity session. Mom is using a Midwives Columbia SC for her birth.

Columbia Midwifery | Jennifer Lucas O’Briant, CPM, LM

Columbia Midwifery offers multiple services to expecting women and birthing people of South Carolina and surrounding areas. They offer home birth services, consultation services as well as placenta encapsulation services.

When you use Columbia Midwifery, you will start seeing Jennifer O’Briant every four weeks until 28 weeks gestation. After that, you will go to every two weeks until 36 weeks. At that time, they will provide a home visit to ensure everything is set and ready for your home birth. Along with the birth care, Columbia Midwifery also provides prenatal counseling, nutritional counseling and maternity care. After you have delivered, they will remain with you until baby is feeding well and you are comfortably resting.

If you are a new mom or want just a refresher, Columbia midwifery offers birth consultation services. This includes, but not limited to, quality maternal care, birth education and preparation, breastfeeding knowledge and postpartum preparation. This service is best for those who want a midwife but don’t qualify or do not want a home birth. They will help you mind, body and soul. 

After you have delivered, there is the option of placenta encapsulation service. This transforms your placenta safely into supplement capsules for you to take like a vitamin postpartum. It is reported that this can help with postpartum depression, milk production and improved energy and mood.  Columbia Midwifery picks up from all local hospitals and home births. 

Contact Jennifer at Columbia Midwifery for all of your birth needs in Columbia, South Carolina.

Expecting mom holding her baby belly during her columbia sc maternity session. Mom is using a Midwives Columbia SC for her birth.

Prisma Health Midwifery–Irmo

Prisma Health Midwifery has a full practice of certified nurse-midwives to aid during pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and general women reproductive health issues. 

Irma office has five full time certified nurse-midwives that can assist you through your child birth. A few of their services include prenatal and postpartum care, birth plans including water birth, lactation support, family planning and postpartum contraception. 

One big difference between Midwifery care through Prisma and typical medical care is that in midwifery you as the mom will deliver the baby instead of the doctor. Midwifery focuses more on health and wellness instead of managing problems.

Prisma has a great article all about if a midwifery care is perfect for you – this article will provide great insight as to all the differences in Prisma Midwifery and typical medical care.

Mom and dad sharing a sweet moment before their new baby arrives.

De La Flor Midwifery | Tiffany Townsend, LM,CPM, CLC

Tiffany Townsend, De La Flor Midwifery, has been servicing the Columbia area since 2014 and has dedicated herself to her community to support hundreds of women. From birth worker to lactation counselor, Tiffany has touched the lives of over 600 people.

De La Flor Midwifery offers many services to the expecting mom. Their biggest service is their home birth package. This includes multiple visits both prenatal and postnatal for mom, a lending library of resources, personalized care, birth attendance as well as immediate postpartum care and 24/7 counseling available to you. 

Other services De La Flor Midwifery offers is water birth pool rentals, well woman checks, lactation support, sneak peak gender testing, fertility and insemination as well as doula support during labor and postpartum. They have a full team of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants as well as Certified Lactation Counselors that can help postpartum for mom and baby. If you are looking for a labor or postpartum doula, they have a network of resources to assist you.

De La Flor Midwifery has incredible resources for all moms that have any questions about home birth, water birth, lactation support and pregnancy support.

Mom sharing a moment by herself during her columbia sc maternity session. Mom will be using a Midwives Columbia SC during her home birth.

Passages Gentle Birth Care

Alexandra Wagner, South Carolina licensed midwife and certified professional midwife, started Passages Gentle Birth Care in 2004 and is proudly servicing the midlands of South Carolina. 

Working with Passages Gentle Birth Care starts at prenatal care with visits early on in pregnancy. You will meet at their office for all visits until 37 weeks. At that time, you will have an in-home appointment. All of these appointments are holistic care based and they will visit with you as a whole person – not just a pregnant person.  As time approaches for delivery, Passages Gentle Birth Care offers childbirth preparation classes to help you prepare for a natural birth experience. 

Your birth team will consist of Alexandra Wagner as well as her assistance and licensed apprentice. The team will support you through all of their doula skills. The team will arrive as labor starts to progress and they will remain with you until after delivery and breastfeeding is off to a smooth start. One big focus of Passages Gentle Birth Care is that mother and baby are never separated – you will remain together for at least the first 24 hours. In the case of an emergency, they carry oxygen, resuscitation equipment, as well as being trained in up-to-date CPR and neonatal resuscitation. They also have the ability to administer certain medications in the event of abnormal bleeding.

After you have delivered, they will return to your home to give you a postpartum well check as well as check out baby. They will review the newborn metabolic screen as well as perform the CCHD screaming for your new baby. After that, they will leave you to rest and enjoy your new baby while they work on filing all necessary paperwork and birth certificates. 

Mom shares a smile during her columbia sc maternity session.

Midwives Columbia SC | Highly-Rated Birth Specialists for Moms

Regardless which option you choose, having a midwife at your birth will be a huge relief for you as well as your spouse. The services of these midwives in Columbia SC are so much more than just a helping hand at birth. Make sure to reach out to any of these Midwives in Columbia SC early as they all take very few moms on so they can dedicate their undivided attention the the expecting mother.

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