4D Ultrasound Columbia SC | Top 3 Elective Ultrasounds for Baby

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Are you expecting and considering an elective ultrasound? There are many great options for an 4D ultrasounds in Columbia SC that will help you see your baby, learn their gender and get lots of pictures! These three 4D ultrasound clinics in Columbia SC will give you the best experience to see your sweet baby before they are born.

Expecting mom showing off her baby bump during her columbia sc maternity photography session. Mom used 4D Ultrasound Columbia SC for her gender reveal ultrasound.

Stork Imaging | 4D Ultrasound Lexington SC

Stork Imaging is a family focused 3d/4d ultrasound center located just outside of Columbia in Lexington. Offering a space that allows the best experience for you and your family, Stork Imaging offers individual sessions as well as a package to capture the entire journey.

First visit to Stork Imaging can be as soon as eight weeks. This appointment is short and sweet – a chance to get a few pictures of babe and hear their heartbeat. The next visit will be one of the most exciting – the gender reveal! Once you are 15 weeks, Stork Imaging offers a gender reveal ultrasound. Stork Imaging offers two options for when you are past 24 weeks – a peek (shorter) ultrasound or the full ultimate experience.

If you cannot decided which package you want to book, they offer a package to capture the entire journey!

While you are visiting them for your ultrasound, make sure to check out a few add-on’s they have available. A few options are a heartbeat bear, gender reveal accessories and digital photo add-ons. Make sure you let them know up front so they can add it onto your session!

To learn all about the packages and Stork Imaging, check out their blog here!

Mom and dad sharing a sweet smile during their maternity session in Columbia , SC

Sneak a Peek Boutique | 4D Ultrasound Columbia SC

From the first gender reveal ultrasound to seeing your baby’s sweet yawns, Sneak a Peek Boutique offers a wide variety of services. 2D Ultrasounds can be done as early as 8 weeks for mama to see her sweet baby. After 14 weeks, you can come in for a 2D gender reveal ultrasound. The sweet spot to visit your baby for a 4D ultrasound is between 26 and 32 weeks. With the technology of the 4D, you can see your baby blink, yawn and smile. 

Sneak a Peek Boutique offers packages so that you can see your baby more than once during your pregnancy. While you are in the office, they also offer an upscale, baby boutique. From maternity clothing, baby clothing and baby accessories, they have something for everyone. Make sure to stop and shop after your appointment. 

If you would like to know your baby’s gender before the 14 week scan, Sneak a Peek Boutique also offers Sneak Peek Testing. This is a blood test that can be done as early as 6 weeks. It looks at moms blood to determine if there is any male chromosomes in the fetal DNA.

When you are ready to schedule your elective ultrasound, make sure to pick a date for the whole family to come! Their ultrasound room holds five comfortably but can be altered for larger parties.

As a non-diagnostic elective ultrasound studio, insurance cannot be used for their services. 

Mom, dad and both girls capture a smile during their maternity session. Mom used 4D Ultrasound Columbia SC for her 4D ultrasound.

The Pink Giraffe | 4D Ultrasound Columbia SC

The Pink Giraffe offers five options for the expecting mama: Sneak Peek DNA gender testing, 2D heartbeat giraffe, 2D gender giraffe, little 4D giraffe, full 4D giraffe. 

They also offers DNA bloodwork starting at 9 weeks to allow you to see what the gender is of your little one. 

The first two offerings of 2D ultrasounds are the heartbeat and gender ultrasounds. The heartbeat ultrasound will give you an extra chance to see your baby and hear their heartbeat. Once you hit 16 weeks, you can visit them for your gender giraffe ultrasound to learn what gender your sweet baby is. 

When you are ready to visit them for their 4D ultrasound, you have the option between the little or full package. The little package is 15-20 minutes where as the full is 20-30 minutes. Both packages will allow you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat, see images and video of their precious little movements as well as receive your image on the BabyFlix Mobile app and printed images. 

As the largest of the 4d ultrasound options, The Pink Giraffe offers a 65” viewing screen to allow you to share the experience with your closest friends and family. Another feature that sets The Pink Giraffe apart is their BabyFlix Mobile app. This is an app that will allow you to get the photos to your phone easily during the session. The ultrasound technician will be able to help load them as soon as your session is over. 

Located in Columbia, SC, The Pink Giraffe is the perfect afternoon stop to show off your new baby. Make sure to plan ahead as they book up in advance upwards of a few weeks – especially if you need a weekend session. 

Expecting mom showing off her baby boy that will be here shortly.

4D Ultrasound Columbia SC | Top 3 Elective Ultrasounds for Baby

No matter what 4D ultrasound in Columbia SC you choose, make sure to book ahead and prepare yourself for the ultrasound. For the best experience, make sure to drink extra water 3-5 days leading up to your session! While it may sound funny, the best ultrasound pictures I have ever received were with a very full bladder. It helps position baby into prime viewing area! 

Enjoy the time you get to spend with your little one with any of these 4D ultrasound in Columbia SC.

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