Best Columbia SC Baby Shower Venues to Celebrate your little one!

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Congratulations mama! I am so excited to hear you are expecting a little one – this is such an exciting time in your life! Friends and family know about this sweet baby now so up next is planning the baby shower! Baby showers are the perfect way to celebrate this new baby with your friends and family. It is a great way to let those who love this little baby spoil them with all the things you need for their arrival. Finding the right venue for you and your spouse is an important step that may not always be easy. Don’t worry – I did the research for you! I have created a list of the best Baby Shower Venues Columbia SC for you. I am so excited to share my research with you.

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Baby Shower Venues Columbia SC

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden

Riverbanks Zoo offers unique event spaces, such as the Ndoki Lodge, Magnolia Room, The Birdhouse, and the ARC. They are a great option for your baby shower venue in Columbia SC.

The Birdhouse is the perfect spot for an after-hours event. As your baby shower guests enter the wooden pergola, they will be greeted by the gorgeous flamingos. While they are enjoying your baby shower, they will be able to view Antarctic penguins, birds of the Savannas, Birds of Asia, and Weatherd hornbills. If you sit banquet style seating, the Birdhouse has a capacity of 50 guests.

The Ndoki Lodge has great rustic charm as it is African themed. The room boasts high beam ceilings, panoramic views of the forest foliage, as well as the possibility of seeing animals walk by. The Ndoki lodge is perfect for the capacities of 100-200 guests.

The Magnolia room has a picturesque French doors, bricked terraces and boating views of fountains and flowers. This room can be used during Zoo hours or after zoo hours. The Magnolia room is perfect for larger baby showers as it can have a capacity from 75 to 350 guests.

The ARC (Aquarium-Reptile Complex) is one of the most unique spots within Riverbanks Zoo as it has multiple smaller areas for your guests to visit. Sharks, crocodiles, and moon jellyfish are three of the top exhibits they will see during your shower. This spot is perfect for baby showers of about 70 guests.

Regardless which location you use within Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, a significant portion of your proceeds support endangered animals and their habits. Each rental includes tables, chairs, linens, set up and clean up are included. You will also have an event manage that is included to assist you.

Painting with a Twist

If you are looking for a hands-on baby shower, Painting with a Twist is the perfect spot for your baby shower in Columbia, SC. After you have secured a date and it is time for your party, you will arrive and choose the painting you would like to do. There is over 18,000 options so there is something for everyone! You will have a room all to your party as well as a private instructor. They will walk you through, step by step, how to paint your artwork. After everyone has completely their artwork, you have the room for a little while to socialize and visit with all of your guests.

Parties can be scheduled any day of the week and can take place morning, afternoon or evening. The earlier you know your desired date, the best chance they have it available. Painting with a Twist requires a minimum of three eats for your party and can hold a maximum of 24 guests.

Baby Shower at Saluda’s

If you are looking for a sit-down meal experience for your baby shower. Saluda’s is a great option. With three room options, there is a room for any size party. The main dining room is the largest option with space up to 125 guests. This room comes with access to the large balcony overlooking River Points. The Cook’s room is perfect for larger parties up to 50. This room overlooks Greene Street. If you have a smaller party, Burt’s Room is the perfect choice. With seating up to 14, the elegant boardroom features a beautiful bar and private entrance to the patio.

For your meal, you will start with chef-selected hors d’oeuvres followed by a Caesar salad. Each guest will have the option of one of five entrée selections and complete the meal with a homemade dessert. Saluda’s offers meals from shrimp and grits to grilled pork chops to stuffed peppers.

Your baby shower will be handled by a professional banquet staff so you can relax and enjoy your shower!

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Best Columbia SC Baby Shower Venues to Celebrate your little one!

All three of these baby shower venues in Columbia SC will take care of all of the small details for you so you can sit back and enjoy! Enjoy this time mama, it will go by quickly!

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