A peek into Placenta Encapsulation in Columbia SC!

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Many new moms have found benefits from placenta encapsulation. A few of them are shortened healing time for mom, decreased bleeding, lower risks for postpartum depression or anxiety, increased milk production, improved mood, boost of energy and replacement of iron. Check out below the best places for placenta encapsulation in columbia sc.

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Columbia Midwifery

After your placenta nourished your baby for 9 months, it can now nourish you! Don’t worry, you won’t eat it up like a steak. Columbia Midwifery will process it safely in a sterile environment. During this process, it is placed inside of gelatin or vegetarian capsules. After they have completed their process using sterile, restaurant grade equipment, they will give you back a jar of perfectly balanced multivitamins.

Reach out to Jennifer O’Briant at Columbia Midwifery, a placenta encapsulation service in Columbia SC, with further questions or timeline of how this process works.

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Little Orchids Birth

Little Orchids Birth placenta encapsulation takes care of the whole process for the new mama. They will pick up your placenta from you – regardless whether you delivery at the hospital (Richland, Baptist, Parkridge, or Lexington) or have a home birth. Little Orchids Birth processes your placenta encapsulation very quickly – usually within 72 hours of birth. In addition to your capsules, you have the option to add on chocolate placenta truffles, a salve or a second tincture.

If you are considering placenta encapsulation in Columbia SC for your next birth, make sure to reach out to Little Orchids Birth before you deliver so they are prepared to serve you. If you are also looking at sneakpeek gender testing, birth planning or postpartum belly binding, Little Orchids Birth can help with all of these services!

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Nurtured Beginnings Birth Services

Through various capacities, Nurtured Beginnings Birth Services has proudly served the Midlands for over 14 years. Darci Kenagy, owner of Nurtured Beginnings Birth Services, certified through Brilliant Birth Academy as a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. She is also certified in South Carolina as a food handler and got her certification in blood Borne Pathogens and Infection Control for Placenta Encapsulators.

Nurtured Beginnings Birth Services offers four services for placenta preservation – encapsulation, tincture salve, and placenta prints.  

Encapsulation services include pick-up and delivery of your placenta, an umbilical cord keepsake and your capsules. Nurtured Beginnings Birth Services services a 30-mile radius from her home in the Midlands. A dark-amber glass jar will hold your vitamin so they are protected from the light.

Placenta tincture is also an offering of Nurtured Beginnings Birth Services. This steeps a piece of raw placenta in high-proof alcohol for six weeks. After the six weeks of steeping, I triple filter the tincture and place in a dark-amber dropper jar. The tincture lasts indefinitely and taken out to be used as needed. Many moms use is it once your cycle returns, times of hormonal imbalance, and on the onset of menopause.

Placenta Salve is a base of coconut oil blended with dehydrated placenta power as mother’s choice of essential oils. Salve treats any number of skin irritations for mom.

Placenta prints is the last placenta preservation offering by Nurtured Beginnings Birth Services. Darci will pick up your placenta and take it to her home office. There she will create a natural blood print or color print made with food-safe dye. Heavy, archival quality paper stock holds your gorgeous new artwork.

If you would like all four services by Nurtured Beginnings Birth Services. Darci has created a package to offer all four at a discount for bundling. Reach out to Darci today to get on her calendar and start chatting about all of her placenta encapsulation services in columbia sc.

New family of three showing off their sweet new son during their newborn session. Mom used Placenta Encapsulation Columbia SC

A peek into Placenta Encapsulation in Columbia SC!

Before you reach your estimated due date, make sure to reach out to any of these Placenta Encapsulation services in Columbia SC to preserve your placenta.

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