Childbirth Classes in Columbia SC to prepare your next birth journey!

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Looking for upcoming childbirth classes in Columbia SC?  Maybe you are a first-time mom or maybe this is your fifth and you need a refresher – all of the classes below are perfect for either! Read all about childbirth classes columbia sc and register for one today for your upcoming birth!

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Little Orchids Childbirth Services

Little Orchids Childbirth Services offers one of the only local evidence-based class in Columbia, SC. Juliann Lee, an experienced EBB instructor, will provide you a mentorship that will set you up for the best possible birth.

Your childbirth class comes with great resources that will have you empowered and prepared for your upcoming birth and baby. In addition to the mentorship with Juliann, you will receive many chances to prepare for your birth. You will have two in-person classes to practice labor skills, five weeks of online videos to watch, four weekly Zoom calls and a breastfeeding and newborn care video. As a bonus, you will also receive four video chats with Juliann.

This course will provide an invaluable amount of knowledge to prepare you for your birth and newborn care. Those who have taken this course have had very intentional births where they knew what was going on during every step.

Each class only has space for six couples so make sure to get registered early.

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Graceful Beginnings Birth and More

Lindsay Millwood, owner of Graceful Beginnings Birth and More, offers evidence-based information classes. Each class is available in a 6-week format or a Saturday crash course if you are a busy family. The main focus of Graceful Beginnings Birth and More is natural childbirth.

A few of the topics included in class are signs of labor, stages of birth, pain management techniques, relaxation to aid in pain relief, writing your birth plan as well as how to cope with changes to the plan and breastfeeding your newborn.

If you need an in-depth course about one specific area or need additional training after the six weeks, Lindsay also offers private classes. Both public and private classes are only offered a few times of the year so make sure to get in touch with her as soon as you know you want to take the course.

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Lexington Medical Center

Lexington Medical Center has options for the mom who wants classes in-person or online. If you need a refresher, you can take one of their three courses in-person or online. But if you are a first-time mom, they offer an eClass bundle for all three classes. Your Special Delivery, Caring for Your newborn and Understanding Breastfeeding are the three courses they offer at this time for new moms.

Your Special Delivery focuses on preparing for childbirth. A few topics include stages of labor, medically procedures, comfort measures and managing pain.

Caring for You and Your Baby focuses on caring for your baby after birth. This includes what your newborn will be like, how to bath and feed your newborn and what expectations you should have as a new mother.

Understanding Breastfeeding is the last of their three-part series. It will provide you the education and support all about breastfeeding. From what to expect at the hospital to pumping to managing breastfeeding difficulties.

Lexington Medical Center also offers two in-person only classes that will give you hands on preparation for your upcoming delivery and baby. Super Sibling is a class they off that will give you a tour of their mother/baby department, resources to help with introducing baby to siblings and how to manage sibling fights/jealously.  Infant/Child CPR is the last class they offer. This is only done in-person so you get hands on experience in how to perform CPR as well as help a choking child/infant. At the end of this course, you will receive a certificate of completion. This course can be done by anyone – it is a great course for anyone who will be with your baby such as mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and any family friends.

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Medical University of South Carolina Perinatal Education Classes

Through MUSC, you will have the option to take four classes to help you prepare for this upcoming baby. Regardless which baby this is for you, first or third, they are there to provide support through the whole journey.

Childbirth Education Class is the first of their four classes available. This class is done in-person and will prepare you for what to expect during labor/delivery and postpartum, techniques to help with breathing and relaxation, pain management options, breastfeeding, how to take care of you and your new baby and what to expect after baby is home.  This class is typically spread out over four weeks, the same night each week.

Newborn Care Class is their second class option. This will help you know how to take care of your newborn. From newborn behavior, feeding patterns, safety, sleeping, bathing, immunizations to signs of illness, they will provide you with resources to be the most educated you can before you bring this sweet baby home.  This class is a one-night class and is offered once a month.

Breastfeeding Class is their third class option. This course is currently limited to the number of families that can attend so make sure to register early. This class covers benefits of breastfeeding, how to pump, breastmilk store, tips and tricks and so much more. This course is taught by OB registered nurses specifically trained in lactation support.

Car Seat safety is the last course that MUSC offers. This class takes place once a month and teaches you all about everything you could need to know about car seats. They will cover how to install the car seat, proper harness placement, types of car seats and general car seat safety. This course is taught by nationally certified child passenger safety technicians.

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Childbirth Classes in Columbia SC to prepare your next birth journey!

Whether you are looking for a private, evidence-based class or the class traditional class at the hospital, all these childbirth classes in columbia sc will help prepare for your upcoming baby, birth and newborn! Just a reminder, these childbirth classes columbia sc will book quickly so make sure to register as soon as you know your schedule for this baby!

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