The Top 6 Placenta Encapsulation Services in Atlanta!

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If you are looking for the top doulas and midwives that offer placenta encapsulation in Atlanta, you are in the right place! Capturing the health benefits from your placenta into a safe, flavor free capsule has many medical benefits for a better recovery after birth. Check out these top places for placenta encapsulation Atlanta below to see which is best for you!

Pregnant mom wearing a purple dress from the client closet of molly berry photography. mom is using one of these Placenta Encapsulation Atlanta for her birth.

What is placenta encapsulation?

Your placenta is a nutrient-dense, iron-rich supplement that tremendously helped your sweet baby grow for nine months. Now it is time to take those benefits and apply them back to mom. Many studies show that creating a supplement for mothers to take postpartum has significant medical value. To list just a few of the benefits: help promote lactation and milk supply, reduce changes of postpartum anxiety/depression, speeds up your recovery and helps balance out your postpartum hormones.

Your placenta can be turned into capsules, tincture or salve. Check out my top 6 placenta encapsulation services in Atlanta below.

Expecting mom capturing a picture during her recent maternity session with molly berry photography. Mom is using one of these Placenta Encapsulation Atlanta for after her birth.

Atlanta Birth Doula

Cass Martinez is the face behind Atlanta Birth Doula. After the birth of her third, she was able to have her placenta encapsulated. After seeing the benefits first hand, she knew every other mom needed the same experience. Cass went on to obtain Certified Encapsulation Specialist, Bloodborne Pathogens for Placenta Encapsulation Certificate, and Food Safety Certificate. Safety and sterility is very important to Cass. Get in touch with Cass if you would like to see her availability for your upcoming birth. She would love to share with you her experience with taking the capsules during her last two children.

Placenta Encapsulation Atlanta

Servicing Atlanta and most of the counties surrounding Atlanta, Placenta Encapsulation Atlanta offers a few different forms of placenta capsules. If you would like to receive more yield from your placenta, non-steamed is the preferred method. However, if you are looking for flavored capsules or skittle capsules, you will book the steamed method. IF you book the steamed method, you can get your capsules flavored to grape, orange or strawberry.

The last option is placenta smoothie cubes. These are stored in the freezer and can be taken out as you need them. These are great for almost immediate replenishment of vitamins and nutrients.

If you can’t decide between steamed or not, you can do half and half orders also!

Placenta Encapsulation Atlanta also offers placenta gummies and chocolate as well. One benefit of the gummies is that your body will absorb the nutrients a bit faster. The chocolates are offered in a variety of flavors such as Butterfinger, Health or marshmallow.

If you would like a combination of pills, tincture, or salve balm, Placenta Encapsulation Atlanta offers different packages that all are made of different combinations.

In addition to all of their services, you can also order a print on canvas to remember your incredible tree of life.

Ahana Birth Services

Jamaya, the owner of Ahana Birth Services, is a herbalist, doula and mother. As a holistic birth doula, Jamaya also offers placenta encapsulation. She will pick up your placenta from your birth place or your home. After a short time, she will return you with nourishing placenta capsules, crafted postpartum tincture as well as all the proper storage and consumption instructions.

In additional to placenta encapsulation, Jamaya also offers birth doula and postpartum doula services if you are in need of a doula still.

Labor of Love

The Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Melanie Belk because her journey in 2010 after she had her third. Once she was able to receive all of the benefits of her own placenta, she wanted to share her experience with all of the other moms in the area. Melanie has encapsulated over a thousand placentas so she has great experience to ensure the best capsules and final products.

Labor of Love offers three packages for your placenta encapsulation – the basic, premium and celebrity. In addition to their three packages, you can also add on a color placenta print. The basic package includes the placenta encapsulation and cord keepsake.  If you would also like tincture, placenta smooth and a print, the premium package is for you. If you would like everything – placenta encapsulation, cord keepsake, tincture, placenta smoothie, colored placenta print and placenta-infused chocolate truffles.

Hand pick up and delivery is included if you are within 30 miles of Brookwest Drive in Marietta. If you are within 30-50 miles of Labor of Love, there is a small travel fee.

The Atlanta Doulas

Made up of two mamas, Stefanie and Melissa offer a few different options for their placenta services. They offer capsules, tinctures, prints and cord keepsakes. You can choose to have your capsules processed with the traditional Chinese method or have them flavored as bubblegum or strawberry.

The Atlanta Doulas will deliver your capsules back to you in a gorgeous jar with the best directions on how to store them as well as consumption recommendations.

Atlanta Family Doulas

Atlanta Family Doulas sets them apart from the others on this list as they will process your placenta in your own home. Their experts will bring all of the necessary equipment and supplies with them – all properly cleaned and sterilized. They will be in your home for two hours each day for two days. While the placenta specialist is in your home for those two hours, you can chat with them and ask any postpartum recovery questions as they are also trained in postpartum care. After the two days, they will clean and sterilize your kitchen as well as leave you with perfectly created gel capsules for your consumption.

Atlanta Family Doulas serves families in the metro as well as the surrounding areas. If you would like your placenta processed in your home, reach out to Atlanta Family Doulas to see if they are available for your home.

Pregnant mom wearing a purple dress during her atlanta maternity photography session with molly berry

The top 6 Placenta Encapsulation services in Atlanta!

No matter which of these placenta encapsulation services in Atlanta you choose to book with, they will all take phenomenal care of your placenta and deliver the best capsules back to you.

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