The Top 9 Doulas in Atlanta GA for your next birth!

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If you are looking for the best doulas in Atlanta GA, you are in the right spot! Having a doula by your side to support you through prenatal, birth and postpartum can be a such a great support to ensure you have the best birth possible.

Finding the best doula for you and your family may take some time. Lucky for you, I have done the research and found my top nine favorite doulas in Atlanta GA.

Mom and dad sharing a moment during their atlanta maternity session with molly berry photography.

The Top 9 Doulas in Atlanta GA for your next birth!

Atlanta Birth Doula

Composed of five birth doulas and three postpartum doulas, Atlanta Birth Doula serves Atlanta and surrounding areas. All of their highly trained doulas will assist you from creating your birth plan, full-support during your birth and immediate postpartum birth support.

Each of the five birth doulas and three postpartum doulas have slightly different services as well as additional courses. Check out more about each of them in my blog all about Atlanta Birth Doula.

Once you learn you are pregnant and ready to start interviewing doulas, make sure to set up a free consultation with Stephanie, the head doula of Atlanta Birth Doula.

When you are looking for doula in Atlanta GA, make sure to reach out to Atlanta Birth Doula.

The Atlanta Doulas

Melissa and Stefanie make up The Atlanta Doulas and would love to chat with you about your upcoming birth! These two ladies offer your traditional birth doula package as well as postpartum overnight doula services. Before your birth, you can sign up to take the most well-rounded Lamaze child birth class with them. After your little one has arrived, they also offer placenta services such as capsules, tinctures, prints and cord keepsakes.

Now that you are expecting a little one, reach out to them to schedule your free consultation in their cozy office.

To learn more about The Atlanta Doulas, check out my blog all about their services.

Mom is sharing a quiet moment with her little one during her maternity session. Mom is using a doula in atlanta ga for her birth.

Atlanta Christian Doula

Morgan Simpson, certified birth doula and prenatal chiropractor, is passionate about serving mothers and giving them the best birth experience possible. Your birth experience has a lasting impact on your entire life so it is best to have the right support. Atlanta Christina Doula is the only faith based doula service on my list of doulas in Atlanta GA. As a proud follower of Christ, Morgan is going to give you great faith based support for every step of the journey

Your care with Morgan starts as soon as you hire her! She will be there for you through prenatal, labor and postpartum. You will have education and resources for you to read as well as prenatal sessions, phone/email/text support, referrals to other local resources and assistance in creating the best birth plan.

When it comes time to have your baby, Morgan will be there every step of the way. She will be there to assist you in early labor to ensure you are comfortable and have continuous support. During labor and delivery, she will help with position changes, massage, hot/cold therapy, acupressure, prayer, scripture and hydrotherapy.

After you have had your baby, Morgan will assist you with immediate breastfeeding support. She will stay by your side for a few hours to ensure you are comfortable. After about two weeks, she will come back to do an in-home visit to check on you and baby. You will also have access to Morgan for the six weeks after birth for any questions or support you need.

Reach out to Morgan as soon as you get pregnant as she has limited availability and books up quickly!

The Supported Mama

Started by two sisters Hannah and Ashley, The Supported Mama is all about raising mama as well as baby. They want to help fix our cultural gaps by normalizing birth and postpartum support.

The Supported Mama offers birth doula packages, postpartum doula packages and mental health services. They also offer two classes – childbirth education and baby basics.

Hannah and Ashley will provide the traditional birth doula services such as prenatal support, labor support and postpartum. Through phone, text, email and two meetings, you will have ample access to your support.

To hire and experienced doula in Atlanta GA, reach out to The Supported Mama.  

Atlanta Family Doulas

Atlanta Family Doulas is a family focused group of birth doulas who support families to have the best birth possible. Patience, knowledge and support are the three principles they focus on with every birth. Through all of their services, they focus on reducing anxiety through physical, educational and emotional support.

The Atlanta Family Doulas offers childbirth education, labor support, postpartum support and placenta encapsulation.

They offer three classes at this time. Childbirth essentials is a 6-hour intensive class that will help you learn all about childbirth and postpartum. Comfort Measures is an interactive, hands-on class for navigating the techniques to help you through your birth. The last class is newborn & infant care. This class is an interactive class to help you boost your confidence for the first few days as a new parent. From diapers to swaddling, they will cover all of the key topics.

Your labor support will start as soon as you meet with your doula during your private prenatal visit. This will allow you two to talk about your wishes and aspirations for the birth. Your doula will take everything you say to ensure they do everything they can to support you. During birth, they will be there by your side to help with comforting massage, demonstrate breathing and meditation techniques, discuss position changes and affirm and encourage you as you progress.  Having any one of the Atlanta Family Doulas at your birth will significantly reduce your stress and improve your whole birth experience.

Make sure to set up time to chat with any of the doulas at the Atlanta Family doulas to learn all about their other services they also offer. If Atlanta Family doulas is the doula in Atlanta GA you would like to hire, make sure to reach out soon as they have limited availability!

Mom and son are sharing a smile during their atlanta maternity photography session with molly berry photograpahy.

North Atlanta Birth Services

Made up of a team of childbirth professionals, North Atlanta Birth Services is here to serve moms through pregnancy and postpartum. From prenatal education to birth support to postpartum support, they are here to help you every step of the way.

Birth + Postpartum doulas, childbirth education classes and massage therapy services are the main three services to support mamas.

Starting with prenatal visits, North Atlanta Birth Services is evidence based, holistic and intuitive care based. They offer packages that combine all of their services so you don’t have to pick and choose what you would like. The Birth + Postpartum package is the best option for an expecting mom. This will include all of the doula support for birth as well as postpartum care for after the new baby is here.

While you are also preparing for your birth, check out one of their excellent classes. They currently offer childbirth education, home birth prep, postpartum planning, and newborn education class.

When you are ready to pick one of their doulas for your next birth, make sure to read their bios to pick the best fit for your family. Interviewing your doulas in Atlanta GA is the best way to ensure you picked the best fit!

Doulas of ATL

Focusing on mindful, inclusive, non-judgement, evidenced based support, Lauren and Courtney are the faces behind Doulas of ATL. Supporting all of the metro Atlanta area, they offer birth support, postpartum support, childbirth education, twin prep class, perinatal yoga and birth blessing ceremony.

As your doulas, Lauren and Courtney will be there with you through every step of the pregnancy. Physically, emotionally and informational support will be provided from moment of hire through postpartum. They will guide you and assist you through initial 1:1 appointments, labor and delivery support as well as the 1-2 hours after birth. After you deliver, they will also come back for a postpartum visit to check in on you and baby.

Doulas of ATL provides support for moms who have home births, the Atlanta Birth Center, as well as many hospitals throughout the Atlanta area. At this time, they are not currently working with Northside or Piedmont Hospitals.

To see if the Doulas of ATL are the perfect doula in Atlanta GA for you, reach out to schedule a video call today. The earlier to book them as your doula, the more support you will receive.

Close up detail shot of mom, dad and baby bump during their maternity session. mom is using a doula in atlanta ga for her birth.

A Labor of Love

Founded in 2000, A Labor of Love is made up of experienced birth and postpartum support professionals. They serve all of the Atlanta and center Georgia area and have served over 4300 births.

A Labor of Love offers four services – labor doula, postpartum doula, classes and placenta encapsulation. Birth is an unknown experience but having a doula at your side is ensured to assist with a calm, educated birth. A labor package with A Labor of Love includes 1-3 prenatal visits, tips for a healthy pregnancy, childbirth education, assistance writing your birth plan, assistance with postpartum feeding and one postnatal visit. Check out the bios of their nine doulas to learn who is the best fit for you and your family.

Reach out to Delandra Vinson, the owner and midwife, today to set up a time to chat about hiring A Labor of Love as your doula in Atlanta GA!

Two Doulas and You

Two Doulas & You focuses is set apart from all other doulas as they work in teams – when you hire them, you will receive two doulas to support you during your pregnancy and birth.  They offer full-spectrum birth and postpartum support for you and your family. Their services include birth support, postpartum support and classes.

Regardless which pair of doulas you hire, you will receive the following prenatal support: 24/7 on-call support, two to three prenatal visits, access to their twice a month zoom prenatal support group. Prenatal yoga classes, During your labor and birth, one of the doulas will be by your side the entire time – regardless how long birth takes! Immediately after birth, they will still to assist you with breastfeeding and make sure you feel comfortable before they leave. You will also have 1-2 postnatal follow up visits.

Two Doulas & You is made up of seven doulas that have various training and experience. Make sure to read their bios to see which would be the best fit for you and your family.  After you have read all of the bios, make sure to reach out to them to get your first consultation scheduled!

To interview and hire doula in Atlanta GA, reach out to Two Doulas & You.  

Big brother wanted a picture during their atlanta maternity session with molly berry photography.

The Top 9 Doulas in Atlanta GA for your next birth!

Once you have picked your top 1-2 doulas from this comprehensive list of doulas in Atlanta GA, make sure to reach out and get a consultation set up with them. While you are bringing your sweet baby into this world, you are going to want someone you are comfortable with by your side.

When interviewing doulas in Atlanta GA, I always recommend to meet with a minimum of two to ensure you pick the best match for your family!

As your Atlanta maternity photographer, I would love to chat with you about capturing these fleeting moments! I would love to start the conversation with you today about my services and how I can serve you through pregnancy to first year and beyond.

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