Top 4 Athens GA Midwives for your Next Birth!

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Investing in a midwife for your next birth will provide you with the best, most natural birth experience for you and your sweet new baby. These four Athens GA midwives will provide you the best resources, assistance and guidance during every step of your pregnancy and birth. Make sure to reach out to any of these four athens ga midwives as soon as you learn you are pregnant!

Expecting mom holding her belly during her atlanta maternity photography session. Mom used a Athens GA Midwives for her birth.

Gifted Hands Midwifery

Compassionate, evidence-based and holistic prenatal care and home births is the main goal of Gifted Hands Midwifery. Kwajalein Cleveland, owner of GHM, is a certified nurse midwife who started this practice. Based out of Loganville, Gifted Hands Midwifery services a 30-minute drive radius.

One of their incredible team members will be with you every step of the pregnancy experience from beginning prenatal visits through lactation support after your sweet baby has arrived. When you hire Gifted Hands Midwifery for your home birth service, you will receive direct access to your certified nurse midwife, all standard labs and blood work, in-home birth team visit, educational resources as well as childbirth classes, homebirth including meds and IV, three postpartum care visits as well as lactation support. There are many other areas that they assist during your birth, this is just a few.

As soon as you know you are pregnant and want to meet with Gifted Hands Midwifery, reach out to them as they book up quickly.

Pregnant mom capturing her maternity portraits with molly berry photography.

DawningLife Midwifery

Lead by senior midwife, Debbie Schneider and her team provide full-scope holistic midwifery care to women. DawningLife Midwifery is focused on a women-centered business that is safely nurturing women through the irreplaceable journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

DawningLife Midwifery offers many services within their midwifery. They provide comprehensive holistic care through home birth, water birth, complete prenatal care, labor support, well-newborn care and postpartum care.

To get started working with DawningLife Midwifery, reach out to them for an free in-office consult between 9AM and 5PM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Soon to be mom taking a quiet moment to reflect of her baby boy that will be arriving soon. Mom used an Athens GA Midwives for her birth.

Birthing Way Midwifery

Composed of two certified professional midwives, Birthing Way Midwifery provides comprehensive care that includes prenatal care, information binder, birth kit and a postpartum kit. Through home births and in-home visits, Beth Aveta and Rachel Hart pride themselves on the incredible care they provide for expecting moms.

From nutrition to childbirth classes to gathering all of the suppose needed for a home birth, they are there to assist you and support you every step of the way.

When you are considering Birthing Way Midwifery for your next midwife in Athens, GA, make sure to reach out early. They take a limited number of births to provide the best experience for their moms.

Expecting mom smiling at the camera during her maternity photography session with molly berry photography in athens, georgia.

Piedmont Athens Regional Midwifery and Women’s Center

Providing warm, compassionate mother-centered care since 1976, Piedmont Athens Regional Midwifery and Women’s Center has certified nurse midwives that will aid mom in delivery. One main goal of the midwives to be a resource for mom. If you would like to decline medication or need additional guidance with epidurals or other medications, the midwife will be by your side to assist you.

Through all of their services and national recognition, they have been able to have excellent health outcomes for mom and baby.  A very low rate of c-sections happens when Piedmont Athens Regional Midwifery and Women’s Center assist in birth.

Located at the Medical Services Building in Athens, Piedmont Athens Regional Midwifery and Women’s Center has an 24/7 answering service so someone is always available to assist you.

Close up belly shot of mom and dad holding their sweet baby boy during their maternity sesison with molly berry. mom is using a Athens GA Midwives for her birth.

Top 4 Athens GA Midwives for your Next Birth!

Regardless which athens ga midwives you have at your birth, you will be in very good hands to provide you the best experience possible. Reach out to any of these Athens GA Midwives as soon as you get a positive pregnancy test so they can be there with you every step of the way.

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