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If your children are anything like mine, they always want clothes that are different than everyone else. A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Megan, the owner of Sunshine Savvy Children’s Boutique. It was an instant connection of two moms plus an instant love for her small business. If you are looking for fun, colorful, high-quality clothing for your little one, check out Sunshine Savvy Children’s Boutique! Read all about my recent Q&A below with Megan and Sunshine Savvy Children’s Boutique!

Five year old girl wearing her Sunshine Savvy Children's Boutique dress during her birthday milestone session with Molly Berry Photography

When did you start Sunshine Savvy Children’s Boutique? What inspired the start of Sunshine Savvy Children’s Boutique?

In April 2021, I received my business license but did not officially launch the business until June 1, 2021. I started my business because I stopped working as a paramedic after I became pregnant with my daughter in March 2020. I had finished all my nursing prerequisites and applied to nursing school, but decided to put it on hold when I found out I was pregnant.

After my daughter was born, she struggled with all sorts of health problems and we eventually found out she was born with a genetic disorder called 22q.11.2 deletion. Basically, she is missing a portion of her 22nd chromosome. She also eventually ended up being diagnosed with autism. I needed to be able to take her to 3 therapies a week, plus specialists and doctors, but I also needed an income because I still had all those student loans to pay back. I read a book that said something along the lines of “If you want a career you will love, then pay attention to the things you pay attention to.” And it clicked! I loved shopping consignment sales, thrift stores, garage/yard sales, and various marketplaces – always looking for cute and unusual clothes. I knew I couldn’t be alone and that others wanted more options that weren’t available in big box stores.

Three year old girl showing off her new Pete & Lucy dress from Sunshine Savvy Children's Boutique.

How long have you been a business? Who does Sunshine Savvy Children’s Boutique serve?

I am a dual-licensed LLC (Sunshine Savvy LLC) in both Georgia (April 2021) and South Carolina (August 2021). My clothing comes for both boys and girls from size 0-3 mo to 14/16. I also occasionally have Mommy & Me, family matching sets, and accessories – ranging from bows and necklaces, purses and blankets, to American Girl dresses to dog bandanas!

Three year old girl smiling at the camera during her augusta milestone session.

What does it look like to work with Sunshine Savvy Children’s Boutique? How can we shop with you or support your small business? 

I designed my business to truly be about moms supporting moms! I primarily work with U.S.-based mom designers who make small batch designs. This means that, depending on the designer, only 100-1000 of each design are ever made, so you are getting a truly unique product. I also made it a point to run like my business like someone I would want to do business with. Time and time again, the feedback I get is that customers return, not just for the cute clothes, but because the customer service is exceptional. I want my customers to trust me to always do right by them. I’m a very open person and a lot of my customers have since become friends! To always have first pick at what is coming out, join the Facebook group! I release EVERYTHING there first, and only after the group has claimed theirs, I put the extras on the website. Both are great options, but you will have more variety in the group. Also make sure you search the group for a discount code – it’s usually not too hard to find one!

Sweet girl showing off her new dress she received from Sunshine Savvy Children's Boutique

Is there anything else you would like to be included about Sunshine Savvy Children’s Boutique?

A lot of people ask what “Sunshine Savvy” means. It’s a nod to my kids. My son was an only child for 7.5 years and I always used to sing him the song “You are my sunshine.” My daughter is named Savannah, so she’s the Savvy. I like alliterations and it was a subtle nod to them being the most important things in my life.

Little girl smiling during her milestone session in the studio showing off her new farm dress.

Sunshine Savvy Children’s Boutique | Fun, Quality Clothing for Your Littles

One of the best features of Sunshine Savvy Children’s Boutique is their inclusivity! From 0-3 month through 14-16, Megan offers a wide variety of sizes and styles for boys and girls. Recently, many of the designers she carries also include options for mom and dad! Next time you are looking for new clothes for your little one, make sure to check out Megan’s facebook group, Sunshine Savvy Children’s Boutique. I promise, you won’t be disappointment with the quality of the items.

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