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The Ultimate Guide to Private Schools in Augusta GA

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Choosing the best school for your little one to attend is one of the most important decision we as parents make! Don’t worry, I am here to help! Here is a the ultimate guide to private schools in Augusta GA and surrounding areas. From Savannah River Academy to Episcopal Day School, there is a school for everyone in the Augusta area.

Three siblings capturing a portrait during their milestone session at the savannah rapids. private schools in augusta ga

Private Schools in Augusta GA

Adventist Christian School

Established in 1934, Adventist Christian School focuses on teaching children through spiritual, academic and physical growth. Through the use of multi-grade classrooms, your child will learn in a family-style setting with children of varying ages in their classroom.

With only 48 students currently enrolled in their Pre-K through 8th grade program, Adventist Christian School is one of the smaller schools in the area.

Augusta Christian Schools

Serving Jesus Christ as Lord, partnering church and family and instilling the highest-standards for academic, social, physical and spiritual growth is the mission of Augusta Christian Schools. With a full fine arts and sports program, Augusta Christian is going to be very similar to your traditional public school but focusing more on serving Jesus Christ as Lord.

Augusta Christian has enrollment of about 700 children between pre-kindergarten and 12th grade. Their average class size is 18 children per class despite their larger enrollment compared to other local schools.

Augusta Preparatory Day School

Living through their motto, “To be, rather than to seem,”; Augusta Preparatory Day School focuses on creating a community of doers within its school. Based on Niche.com, Augusta Preparatory Day School is the top private school in the area as well as one of the best for college prep when your child is older.

The average teacher to student ratio is very low at only 7. With about 400 students between kindergarten through 12th grade, each child receives personalized one on one teaching that is customized to how they learn and perform best.

Community Christian Academy

Preparing students to become Kingdom Leaders while offering a Christ-centered program is the heart and sole behind Community Christian Academy. They currently are located in the church of Trinity Baptist Ministries’ Martinez Campus and offer school for K3 through 12th grade.

Curtis Baptist School

Infusing Biblical worldviews throughout the academics, fine arts and athletics is the mission behind the Curtis Baptist School. Starting out as little as 13 months old, Curtis Baptist school offers daycare and pre-kindergarten before they are old enough for school.

Between their kindergarten through 12th grade program, they currently have approximately 330 students. Their average class size is 15 students per teacher so students can still get a great classroom experience while also have great one on one access to their teacher.

Episcopal Day School

Episcopal Day School (EDS) is focus based on diversity and being enriched from that diversity. EDS encourages families of all faith backgrounds to attend so everyone can be enriched by the diversity. Founded in 1944, EDS has proudly offered sports, fine arts as well as the highest level of education to the CSRA for many, many years.

From their three year old preschool through their grade school, EDS offers schooling through 8th grade. With a student body of approximately 330, they can keep their class sizes small to ensure proper one one one for all students.

For those who are going into pre-kindergarten or kindergarten, EDS offers Nature Preschool which is perfect for those who like to be outdoors. Your child will learn all of the necessary skills in and with nature instead of in the classroom. Let your little one learn while also learning all about the outdoors in one combined, great program.

Immaculate Conception School of Special Education

Focused on provided a dynamic Catholic education to children with a wide range of disabilities, Immaculate Conception School of Special Education in a great choice for children with disabilities. Their year-round school calendar for ages K3 through 12th grade helps create consistency with no large adjustment breaks such as summer. In additional the the traditional art, music, PE, spanish and academic subjects, Immaculate Conception also offers speech, language, occupation and physical therapies to its students. The ultimate goal at IC is to allow everyone to have the best possible experience with school.

Individualized learning plays an important role in the curriculum at IC. With enrollment at just under one hundred, your child will receive the best one on one teaching through Immaculate Conception. IC is the only school on the the Ultimate Guide to Private Schools in Augusta GA, that specializes in offering all of the different therapies to students if they are needed.

Midland Valley Christian Academy

Located in Aiken County, South Carolina, Midland Valley Christian Academy is a great option for this who are just outside of Augusta. From just 6-weeks old through 12th grade, MVCA will encourage the heart, nurture the soul and develop the mind and body.

As your child progresses from daycare to lower school to upper school, they will be taught with a Biblically-based robust academic curriculum to set them up for their future. In additional to education, they have the option to participate in athletics, drama, culinary arts and many other enrichment options at the school.

Class sizes are at 12:1 ratio with the total school having about 250 students. Your child will have the opportunity to a great deal of enrichment options while still having small class sizes.

Savannah River Academy

If you are looking for a non-traditional hands on school, then the Savannah River Academy is the place for you. The SRA difference is all about focusing on small group activities to promote hands on learning, not the academic rigor of test taking and homework. Starting at the Nest for 2 year olds through their middle school program, all of their project-based studies will provide rick and meaningful context so the students can learn their best.

Opened in 2018, SRA is one of the newest on this list of top private Schools in Augusta GA but has a great program to offer children of all ages. Class sizes are SRA are only an 8:1 ratio with enrollment at 115 children per school year.

St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School

Striving to live in the image of Jesus Christ is the mission of St. Mary on the Hill. Focusing on providing outstanding Catholic education to all students to allow them their full potential in a rigorous spiritual and academic environment is very important to St. Mary’s. Through their education, they focus on interactive learning but also on competitions, athletics and extracurriculars.

With a school of 486 students, their class sizes average 14 to 1 with grades kindergarten through 8th grade. Daily prayer, weekly mass, religion class and community service projects are incorporated at all grade levels.

Westminster School of Augusta

Grounded in faith, Westminster School of Augusta will partner with you to help your child learn, prepare for the future and become the leaders of tomorrow. Starting at the young age of three, children will grow as a part of the WSA family as they continue through until 12th grade. WSA is well known for their education but also for their fine arts and athletic options to help your child express themselves. From music class in the pre-kindergarten to the upper school musical, your child will have all the opportunity to express their musical abilities!

With a student body of 505 students, class sizes are kept very small at 10:1 ratio with teachers. The best way to start the admissions process is to start with touring the school; from there, the admissions team will be able to answer all your questions.

Brother and sister share a laugh during their sibling session at the savannah rapids.

private schools in augusta ga

Private Schools in Augusta GA

While making the decision of which choice is best for your child is a completely personal pick, I hope this The Ultimate Guide to Private Schools in Augusta GA helped lay out a few of the top choices. While you are researching private schools in the area, I would love to chat about a session for your whole family!

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