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Congratulations on the new baby! Maybe you are pregnant or maybe your little one has already arrived – either way – Atlanta Lactation is here to provide you the most comprehensive care! From breastfeeding to exclusively pumping or a combination of both, Atlanta Lactation is here to help all mamas!

Big brother giving little brother a kiss during their in-home newborn session. Mom used Atlanta Lactation for lactation support with this newborn.

Atlanta Lactation – The most comprehensive lactation services in Atlanta

Offering in-home, intown and telehealth visits, Atlanta Lactation is one of Atlanta’s most advanced lactation offices. Gassy babies, breast pain, cleft lip and low supply are just a few of the many breastfeeding uses they help with. Check out more about Atlanta Lactation below.

Katherine Morrison, a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), will provide you with the best comprehensive breastfeeding care while you are working with Atlanta Lactation.

Atlanta Lactation services most of Atlanta and the surrounding areas. To check if your home is within the service area for an in-home visit, reach out to Atlanta Lactation through their website or at (404) 281-1662).

Family newborn session in Atlanta GA captures a smile with the whole family and dog. Mom and boys are wearing clothes from molly berry photography's client closet.

Lactation Services

When you become a client of Atlanta Lactation, you can come to their Atlanta office or have them come to your home. At either location, they will help you with breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, pump rentals, bottle refusal, returning to work and wearing.

You can book services with Atlanta Lactation both prenatal and postnatal. If you are planning to breastfeed and have questions, they will be happy to answer all of them. If you are wanting to induce lactation for a surrogate baby, they will be happy to help with that also.

In additional to those services, they also offer the traditional lactation services. If your little one is having latch issues, not gaining weight or taking too long to nurse, the Atlanta Lactation office is happy to help you.

During your visit, you will work with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who is experienced and passionate about helping moms like you. Your IBCLC will listen to all of your concerns, perform a weighted feeding session, and provide advice/tips/tricks to improve your breastfeeding experience. As the visit ends up, they will leave you with a customized plan for the best outcome. They also provide a report to your healthcare provider and baby’s pediatrician so they also know what was discussed.

Many moms prefer to have Atlanta Lactation come to their home for a few reasons. The biggest being the comfort level. As a new mom, being able to nurse your baby and get assistance in the spot you will normally feed them can be super beneficial. Many moms also find this easier than leaving the house with their new little baby.

Dad giving his new son a kiss during his newborn in home session. Mom used Atlanta Lactation for her lactation support.

What to Expect

When you are ready to make an appointment with Atlanta Lactation, you can schedule through their online portal. It will start with asking a few questions about your insurance. If you have Lactation Network, Aetna or Humana, you can click the button for either in home or office visits. If you do not have one of those insurances, you will select self-pay home or self-pay office.

Their system will prompt you to select if you are there for an initial or follow up visit. Immediate on the screen, you will be able to see their availability. Through following the prompt and filling out all of the questions, you will be all booked for your appointment!

 To be best prepared for your session, Atlanta Lactation has a few requests. They request you start a full feed for baby two hours prior to the appointment and should be completed 90 minutes before the start of your appointment. They also ask that you bring a few things with you: a written log of the past 24 hours (include diapers, pumping and results, feed times and length, etc), a filled bottle with expressed milk or formula if baby won’t latch, all of the tools you are currently using for breastfeeding as well as your pump and all of its accessories.  If you have a visit in your home, they ask that you still have these items prepared and ready when they arrive.

Mom and new baby boy share a smile during their in home newborn session with molly berry photography in atlanta.

Get Lactation Support with Atlanta Lactation!

Whether you are a first-time mom or experienced mom of multiple children, Atlanta Lactation is here to help with all of your breastfeeding and pumping questions and concerns. Make sure to reach out to them today to get all the support you need to have the best success possible!

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